[NL2-NL10] Deepstack set mining

    • rossd152
      Joined: 27.04.2011 Posts: 19
      I'm not too use to set-mining deep but thought I was getting odds to here also had position. Are these valid reasons to call 3-bet i/p?? :f_p: On flop i'm calling to re-evaluate on turn as he will give up without a club + 10's, 9's if he happens to 3-bet these hands or other random junk(V. small chance but might be inexperienced deep + decided to pick on me as we both are so some suited connectors maybe). On the turn I'm turning my hand into bluff repping A :club: and planning to go all the way to get him to lay down K :club: Q :club: .Also some better clubs. I did this as I simply did not want to check behind + face a large river bet. Pls give me some feedback as Im unsure of this part of cashgames

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