Anyone using moneybookers for online gambling?

    • copper7765
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      i am thinking to
      verify my account soon, however i have some questions.
      suppose i verify only my postal verification, will be able to qualify for withdrawal?
      i mean do you need to verify your bank account too for withdrawing ?
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    • VorpalF2F
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      Regardless of what answers you get here, for safety's sake, you should also ask these questions of Moneybooker's customer support.

      I have made deposits to poker rooms from my Skrill account, and I have also withdrawn money from poker rooms to it.

      I have not yet withdrawn money from Skrill to my bank, though.

      I will also move this topic to the Beginner Questions board.

      All the best,
    • Phoenix2104
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      I think if you want to withdraw less than 1000 Euros you don't have to verify your account. This amount is accumulated for 1 or 3 months if I remember correctly. Over that amount I believe that if you verify your address the limit goes up to 5000 Euros and if you verify your bank account or credit card also goes up to 10000. I tried to withdraw more than 1000 Euros and wasn't allowed to and now I'm in the process of verifying my address, but haven't completed that yet.
    • liguolong
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      I managed to withdraw money without being asked for any verification (for 3k euros).
    • ghaleon
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      Using only moneybookers for money transfers and have nothing bad to say of it. At start there was multiple verify action needed. Unfortunately I don't remember what or when those were asked, but anyway I definitely recommend using it.
    • PlauZee
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      use the Skrill Mastercard and you won't have any problems. Bank transfers etc depends on which country you're using it at.