[NL2-NL10] NL4 SH, K7s vs fish

    • dienaszaglis
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      $0.02/$0.04 No Limit Holdem
      4 Players
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      CO ($7.55) 189bb
      HERO (BTN) ($4.19) 105bb
      SB ($5.56) 139bb
      BB ($3.16) 79bb 47/1, FCB: 32, AF: 1.4, SD: 30

      Pre-Flop: ($0.06, 4 players) HERO is BTN 7:spade: K:spade:
      1 fold, HERO raises to $0.12, 1 fold, BB calls $0.08

      Flop: 6:diamond: 7:diamond: 9:club: ($0.26, 2 players)
      BB checks, HERO bets $0.18, BB calls $0.18

      Turn: J:club: ($0.62, 2 players)
      BB checks, HERO checks

      River: K:club: ($0.62, 2 players)
      BB bets $0.59, HERO?


      Plan is to bet once for value and try to check it down.

      Following my plan. There`s hardly any value here.

      Pot-size donk in this spot looks very strong. There are a few 2-pairs I can beat, but I doubt he would bet them this big.
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    • mbml
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      This guy seems like a fish and i find it hard for him to have that many two pair hands in his range besides K9 and KdJd. I think he may overplay some 1pair type of hand.

      This makes me want to raise the River, but he seems to be passive and he may be less likely to bet so large on the river with semi-strong hands. We also rep so many monsters if we raise so we may be overrepping our hand as QT straight or club flushes.

      Taking all things into consideration, I wouldn't mind raising to 1.40 and folding to a river 3bet.

    • dienaszaglis
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      I think, that raising the river would be a mistake vs such passive villain.
      He`s almost never potting the river with 1-pair hand, and as you said, there are not many 2-pairs he can have.

      I never expect to have any FE on the river, and he hardly can call me with worse.
    • mbml
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      I dont think we want fold equity so lets focus on the worse hands he can call with vs stronger hands he could have.

      He has 8 combos of KdXd.
      2 combos of Kd9d and KdJd
      6 combos of K6 vs 6 combos of K9
      Maybe some combos of K8o and some combos of backdoor flush draws.
      KTo (flop gutshot which rivered top pair)

      Maybe some slowplay 2pairs or sets but i think we should discount those on flop since he didnt checkraise.

      I do think a raise may be thin but i think he may have enough worse kx top pair hands which can call a raise and i dont think this fish ever folds KX here.