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    • Spikelema
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      I am not a good player, I have played for some time as a pretty :f_biggrin: but now that I'm getting serious I am wondering if anyone would be interested in following my journey from $0 to $X in SNG and MTT?

      It would be a blog not only about my games but also the learning, me realizing my leaks and fixing them and just general commentary as I try to take poker from a hobby to a Job.

      I ask first because I am not someone you will follow because I am making the big money, or because I am doing the $0 to $X as a challenge as a pro player. I am doing it as a story of a player with very little knowledge crawling up from the dregs into what I hope to be a position where I am able to make a living form Poker.

      Let me know :)

      EDIT: Suggestion also for the best room to freeroll my way into money. (I play MSS on Stars and would like to see from a different site perspective, where I have no capital)
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    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Hey Spikelema,

      If you make your Blog interesting and fun to read people will come :]

      We have lots of blog by players who are break even, losers and winners, that isn't always what turns a blog into a great read, it's the person behind the blog!

      It's always interesting to see how a player progress and what goes through their mind during this. some of the most pupular blogs started out jus like yours will who knows, maybe in 2-3 year time you'll be looking back at your blog with a lovely Black Members Badge ;)

      Best of luck on your journey sir.