UKIPT Cork day 2 AJos

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      Hey guys i am no longer gold so i think i can post this here.

      how would you have played this.

      day 2 UKIPT Cork. 500/1000 (100) 50k stack and good table image ( when i say good) i mean pretty TAG imag got respect and made some good calls and folds..

      anyways i have 50k btn pos. all folds to me i get dealt AJos,

      sb has 50k also and only seen him play 3 hands previous but he seemed quite fishy, and the BB had 30k..

      so i open AJ form btn to 2200........SB 3bets me...BB folds..

      now bcoz SB had same stack size I decided to flat him ( if he had bigger stack or smaller stack i would 100% 4 bet jam him).. i knew he trying to resteal pot!

      so i flat flop = j,2,7 rainbow.. i check / raise ALL IN he calls.. KJos...turn fkn KING out me...( if i had won that pot id have 100 odd K and sitting really nice, also i found out the Irish guy came in 11th pos :(

      would you have played it diff.. ????????????
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