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tfw 6 max soldier

    • ains21
      Joined: 04.06.2011 Posts: 303
      Sup guys.

      How's it going? My name is Tom (ains) and I'm pretty happy to be starting a blog here as a 6 max soldier this month (it was a close one making diamond again .. didn't have too much time spare and NL50 was a drag). Thought I'd keep this here to track progress and to post thoughts/have discussions with other guys trying to get out of the micro/small stakes rut. Here's some history for you, if you're interested.

      Poker History

      So basically I got into poker while I was at uni: one of my friends played a lot and was a decent reg at HU NL200+ (I think -- I never really asked too much info), as well as a pretty decent MTT player (I remember the first time he told me he was playing ME@WSOP -- I looked up this so called "world series" tournament and I was like OMFG THIS GUY IS PRO). I started playing recreationally in my second year and continued into my third, just donking out playing NL2 and small 88c MTTs on 888 poker. I never really had any success, but read a lot on and watched a lot of high stakes poker.

      After I graduated (1st class woot) I thought I'd give poker a decent shot and try and get somewhere with it. The way I see it: if my hobby can get me some money on the side, and always be there (within reason) as a back up should I find myself without money nor work, then I would be stupid not to grasp every opportunity to improve. To know that should I be laid off from work, I could actually provide for myself by playing online ... well ... that's pretty awesome IMO.

      At first I played everything I could find: cash games, SNG and MTTs. I got pretty lucky and managed to bink a few MTTs and run good in some CG, and pushed a roll of $150ish up to $2.5k or something similar in a few months. I felt pretty baller and was all set to start my professional career in poker:

      But then I started playing more cash games and -- being the pro that I was -- opted to start with NL100 (despite the fact I'd essentially jumped from NL10). This went OK for the first 10k hand or so, when I actually managed to get my roll up to around $3.2k or so. But then it happened (ofc): someone turned off my heater and things started to go bad. NL100 was OK: I just dropped down to around 2.3k or so and thought "hah, variance" -- yeah .. variance and no CG experience. It was my decisions after this that screwed me over.

      I thought I'd just drop to NL50 and take another shot later that week. But, in my infinite wisdom, I decided at this point to switch games and start playing NL HU. I think I read too many posts by HU players here and on 2+2 -- I started to associate "HU" with "cool and edgy" and wanted to be one of these super aggro players, putting my opponents in the most ridiculous spots. So, obviously, I started playing 2-3 tables HU NL50 vs. anyone that would sit me. The result? I lost about $600 in a week or so. This sent me on a bit of super tilt. I started playing ST HUSNG at lower limits trying to claw back some BR as soon as possible. Didn't work out too well for me ... choosing the swingiest NL format to switch too after a downswing was probably not the best decision.

      In short: I tilted away over 1/2 my BR and got down to around $1.3k at one point. That's when I decided to put and end to that, to study hard and to play good poker. So: new year, new me. This year I've been grinding CGs again, studying like crazy and working to improve my game. I got lucky and crushed NL25 for the first week or so, and shot straight back to grinding NL50. At it stands, my BR is around $2.5k and I actively grind NL50 zoom (but will soon be playing games where I can table select .. something I'll explain about below). Hopefully soon I will be back at 100 and shooting for something a little better.

      So now I'm grinding NL50 zoom. I've been playing zoom recently for pretty much only one reason: my computer is a piece of crap. It can barely run HM2 and lags like crazy as soon as there is more than 4 tables on the screen. This meant that in order for me to get a decent amount of volume, I'd have to zoom 3 tables -- something I'm not that keen on (I'd rather be table selecting). I can't take notes on HM2 (this freezes the computer for 2 minutes or so), so I have to write them in text pads or manually. I can't look at hands during game play either to see what my opponent had. Complete balls.

      But now! Things have done changed! I got myself a new computer. And this one can handle HM2! Fucking brilliant. So now I'm set to play a lot more poker and to increase my edges. I'll be able to take notes properly and all that shit. Can't wait.

      I hope this boot camp is going to sort me out a bit. My game needs a lot of work. I know already a couple of issues that keep flagging up for me -- I really need to make some changes. I'll be posting these later with examples and hopefully get some feedback on ways I can adjust my game to increase that win rate. I've got a lot of time on my hands at the moment, and I'm pretty much going to work as hard as I can most days to sort myself out.

      One of the things I really hope to find here is the following: another individual playing NL50+ who wants to learn/play in the next few months as much as I do. I want to find someone to study/sweat/play with -- both 6max and HU -- in order to accelerate any development. So yeah, if anyone out there wants to really -- and I mean REALLY -- work on their game the next few months in particular, then give me a buzz. I've tried skype groups before but I never think they're that successful .. too many chefs and all. I think maybe 2-3 people is optimal for this kind of thing.

      Anyway. Good luck to everyone participating in this boot camp this month and hopefully we'll all get something good out of it.

      Take it easy guys~
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    • pleno1
      Joined: 19.11.2010 Posts: 5,596
      Hey Tom,

      Welcome to the Blog section. Good weekend?

      I hope this boot camp is going to sort me out a bit. My game needs a lot of work. I know already a couple of issues that keep flagging up for me -- I really need to make some changes. I'll be posting these later with examples and hopefully get some feedback on ways I can adjust my game to increase that win rate.

      Please do this asap so we can help out :)

    • ErikStenqvist
      Joined: 14.01.2013 Posts: 431
      Hey Tom!

      My name is Erik and I will be part of the coaching staff focusing on Tilt, A-Game, Mindset, and Lifecoaching. So if you have any questions you can just post them
      here and let me know in my Q&A thread if i take too long to reply. I'll be trolling around the forums but just so i don't miss anything. :)
    • ErikStenqvist
      Joined: 14.01.2013 Posts: 431
      Double post :)
    • Lackoogcb
      Joined: 16.04.2008 Posts: 1,648
      Hey man!

      Do you mean fastforward by zoom? :) I play sometimes a little FF on Party, cause they have a good weekly bonus, but unfortunately they don't have FastF NL100+ , so it has to be done on nl50. If I remember correctly we played some pots together (if you have the same screenname like you have here)

      So anyway, good luck in the bootcamp! If I found some interesting hand beetween us I'll post it :)
    • gadget51
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 5,622
      Hi there Tom, I hope we find you well?

      Just a reminder that updating your thread keeps it current and forward moving. :)

      Have you thought about those examples you were going to post for the coaches yet?