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[NL2-NL10] KJo 3bet Bluff

    • Deomedes
      Joined: 12.11.2011 Posts: 156
      PartyGaming - $0.10 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 4 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 3

      BB: $10.41
      UTG: $11.70
      BTN: $11.62
      Hero (SB): $10.26

      Hero posts SB $0.05, BB posts BB $0.10

      Pre Flop: ($0.15) Hero has J:club: K:diamond:

      UTG raises to $0.30, fold, Hero raises to $1.10, fold, UTG calls $0.80

      Flop: ($2.30, 2 players) 8:heart: 7:spade: J:spade:
      Hero bets $1.70, fold

      Hero wins $2.19

      Villain is 18/15 he raises 21 from CO and folds 84 to 3bet in general.

      PF i ike to 3bet KJ since i can't call profitably and i have blockers to his defending range.

      On the flop i hit well on a connected board. I bet big to value extract and protect my hand.

      If i get raised i do not have history vs the guy so i would fold.

      If i get called then i would bet/fold around half pot on the turn on any no 9,T,Q,spade.

      On the turn i do not know about an A. I think an A limits the time he has AJ so would it be good to be it, since i do not think he floats a bare Ahigh.

      If i get called again and on the river a blank hits (which almost never happens) i would ch call a logical bet size. I would ch- fold on most cards though.

      I need your thoughts about my approach.
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    • w34z3l
      Joined: 03.08.2009 Posts: 13,331
      Hey Deomedes,

      Preflop bluff is fine.

      Just because you spike top pair does not automatically mean you have a value hand when you were bluffing preflop. If you expect villain to respond very tightly, there is basically nothing you are getting value from on flop, unless specifically something like A:sQ which is flipping against you anyway. AK/AQ type hands usually fold to this bet, JJ+ has you beat.

      In short, if your stats on villain are correct, you have no value on the flop. Betting like 1/3rd pot is fine to protect your hand, and maybe get a light call from AK. The drawiness of the flop is not overly relevant because it simply does not connect with villains tight calling range.

      If you do get called on the flop with your bet sizing you are usually behind. I don't see a valid reason to bet/fold the turn. Check/call flop, check/fold turn is another option (even on blank turn card), especially if villain has a high bet vs missed cbet and will stab with AK/AQ etc. His range is strong enough in this spot that you will usually be behind with TPGK if he double barrels vs missed cbet.