PT4 moving database + Stars.Eu trouble

    • farbwenz
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      Hi I have some trouble with my PT4 database. It is getting too large for C:/ and I would like to move it to D:\.

      Also, I would like to delete everything from other poker rooms. Using the "purge" option takes 5 hours, is there any quicker way to do it?

      And then there is another problem with the stars histories. In the "site configuration" i get a warning that poker stars is not configured to save histories (which is not true, they are all saved in english. But not in the default folder). I ignored that error, and entered the folder name (D: hands). The hands are recorded, and the graphics produced are also fine. The HUD works for cash games, but I have to click reset once for every table or the HUD info does not match with the player names. For Tournaments, the HUD does not open at all
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    • farbwenz
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      I found somewhere else that I have to change the client's language. Tournaments are supported now:-)

      Still, I would like to move my database to a different folder, and would like to erase the hands from other poker rooms
    • PokerTracker
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      PokerTracker can only read English hand histories, it is important to always play using an English poker client because we do not support any other option.

      To purge old hands from your database click Database > Purge Hands. Click Advanced, and then select the poker rooms you wish to have purged from your database. This will delete all of the hands and data on the opponents you played against, after the purge is done database maintenance will be automatically run.

      Your PokerTracker 4 data is stored inside of PostgreSQL, this is a server application that is not developed by our company. Our suggestion:

      1) Backup your database using the PokerTracker 4 Backup tool (Database > Backup)

      2) Download PostgreSQL 9.0.x (PT is not compatible with 9.1 or 9.2) and install a new instance in the new folder location, YOU MUST USE A DIFFERENT PORT NUMBER! For example the default port for PostgreSQL is 5432, and you are installing PostgreSQL 9.0.12 then you may wish to use 5439 to help remind yourself of the difference between the two installations. Once Postgres is installed, you now have two versions of the database server, one on your old C drive, the other on your D drive. This is where it gets tricky.

      1. Quit PokerTracker 4
      2. Inside the Configuration folder, open PokerTracker.cfg
      3. Find the line that says Default.Postgres.Port=5432, and change the default to your new D drive installation (5439 is what we recommended).
      4. Save the Configuration file, then restart PT4. Click Database > Management and then REMOVE your old databases (Do not delete).
      5. Create a new default database located at the new 5439 port
      6. Restore your database. This will place the backed -updata into the new D drive database.

      Once you are 100% positive that your new database is working properly and all of your data has been restored, then you can delete your old database instance by uninstalling that PostgreSQL instance in the Windows Control Panel (Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features).

      PS: This guide is not for the inexperience computer user, what we advise here can be rather tough! If you need guidance then please contact us at our website, or create a support ticket inside of PokerTracker > COMMUNITY (scroll to the bottom of the page). For more help please visit the PokerTracker 4 Guides at