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Minajev3 - Latvian soldier.

    • Minajev3
      Joined: 13.02.2010 Posts: 1,188
      Hi, at first I want to say sorry for my not ideal English. I’m living in Latvia, its European country near Russia, witch 20 years before was in USSR. And actually my native language is Russian. If somebody wants to ask something about Russians or translate something, you can ask me here.
      If I have some mistakes in my posts you can correct me, I appreciate that.

      - What do you play? Poker history?

      I’ve started playing on real money from free 50$ from Strategyon PokerStars and never lose it. I am playing poker 2.5 years, at first it was Fixed limit, and then I became a NL 6-max player and played 9 tables from begining. I was playing NL200 full time 3 months in small plus but in last month I feel like I lose my skill and I back down on NL100. I have BR to play NL 200, NL400 or even NL600, but I feel that I don’t beat those limits. NL100 was crushed in 5-6 bb/100 earlier.

      - Goals and aspirations for poker?

      My goal is to be a Champion. :megusta:

      - What do you struggle with?

      I don’t play A game all the time. Sometimes I have a little bit callingmania and become callingstation in some spots, but after seeing some good hands I start fold a lot and it is like vicious circle.

      Here some stats

      - What do you want to get out of the bootcamp?

      I want to become a real soldier :f_p:
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    • oblioo
      Joined: 02.10.2012 Posts: 338
      I saw no one has replied here yet so I thought I'd jump in. Welcome to boot camp :)

      Looking at your stats, you could definitely improve in a lot of areas, but one thing that really jumps out is your cbetting frequencies. You are cbetting way too often on the flop, imo, and not following through often enough on the turn. (It is worth noting that since your flop cbet % is so high, you will likely not have as strong a range as you should for getting to the turn, but even still I think a 42% turn cbet is way too low.)

      A few questions to ask yourself when considering a flop cbet:

      -How many streets of value do I want?
      -How vulnerable is my hand?
      -What worse hands am I trying to get called by, and, if I'm OOP, will those hands bet if I were to check?

      -How well did this board hit my opponent?
      -How strong will my opponent's calling range be?
      -Do I have enough backdoor equity to continue being aggressive on later streets?
      -If I check, could I make a profitable delayed cbet on the turn, perhaps repping second pair?

      Hopefully this helps a little bit; I think by seriously considering these questions you will be inclined to check more flops.

    • gadget51
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 5,622
      Hi Minajez3, how are you?

      Just a reminder that you can post questions in here and it keeps your thread up to date and encourages other people to post here as well. :)

      I hope the course is helping you and you're enjoying Bootcamp.

      Have fun,

    • ErikStenqvist
      Joined: 14.01.2013 Posts: 431
      I don’t play A game all the time.
      Hello Minajev3

      My name is Erik and I will be part of the coaching staff focusing on Tilt, A-Game, Mindset, and Lifecoaching.

      Could you explain a bit more about you and your A-Game. When is it working for you? When you struggle what usually happens before that and so on?

      Welcome to the Bootcamp! :)
    • gadget51
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 5,622
      Hi Minajev3,

      Do you have any update on Erik's question about your A game? Post your thoughts for discussion. Have you made progress on this?

      March on soldier, :)