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      I googled and searched forums but I didnt really find a satisfying answers for my questions.

      I would like to know some opinions of guys who are more involved in SNG than me :)

      1. What is the main diff between 9man/6man turbos? I almost dot see any blog about 9man turbos here at

      9man/6man turbo sng pros/cons?:)

      2. Also, according to sharkscope almost everyone in the top 10 on micro/low stakes turbo sng is playing KO and making huge profits on them. Why is that?

      In what is KO(again 9 or 6max) tournaments better than normal?

      Thanks in advance :)
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    • maythany
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      The main difference between 9 man and 6 man turbos is the looseness and aggressiveness of players. In 6 max, the blinds hit you a lot faster so you can't wait for hands like kjs, a10s, aks, etc. You have to resort to playing hands like a5o, q6s, j7o, and small to medium pocket pairs during the late stages and even pushing with them. In addition, blind stealing is more important in 6 max than in a full ring too.

      The reason some players are making good money on KO sngs is because a lot of players do not know how to play them. The ones that do, deviated from the basic strategy you can search up on google and know the correct +EV calling ranges against an opponents all in range.

      There are a lot of differences between 6 max and full ring and it would literally take multiple paragraphs to explain it all. I just gave you what I observed personally when I made the switch and there are obvious differences like payout structure, icm, rake, etc.

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