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      Hey partytheone,

      Of course, looking forward to hearing about your poker journey.

      Even if you didn't have a thread, you can join the 4 seminars and 8 videos.

    • partytheone
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      Hello. I'll be brief. I'm 24 years old, I have three degrees in piano, Master in Mathematics and Management. Every day I go to work and get a total of around 3,000eu per month. But not everything was so good, so after the higher mathematics, I decided to prove to myself what i had learned :-)

      That was a year ago and I beat nl4, then went on nl10 and I failed.

      After this was big pause, and i completely devoted myself to business.
      Sometimes i red PS and recently i saw a promo with William Hill. I decided to play cash and parallel tournaments.

      The tournament results

      Cash i start nl50 (i dont know why..). I play speed holdem, and my HM2 didnt show stats. Now I look back on it with resentment.

      After this fail i update HM and start another game.

      Someone said this is up. Mb, but i feel my game And know, that im a plus player. Now i play with many mistakes but my opponents do it worse ;-)

      50000 hands in month is not a problem for me.
      My goal is 1500$ bonus at this month. During the year i play to gain nl100.

      P.S. Even when I was a teenager I used to play CS 1.6
      I know much about pro-game :P I said to everyone you play hard and go pro =)
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      Hi there partytheone, how are you?

      Is the course going well for you?

      I know time can be an issue, but if you update your thread others will post there opinions/questions etc., which will keep it current. :)

      Best regards for now, but if you have any issues please don't hesitate to let us know.

      Have fun, :)