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Bovada Poker - Hand Tracking

    • mtrav
      Joined: 16.02.2013 Posts: 1
      Hello everyone.

      I'm pretty new to the forum, this site, and online poker in general. I'm American and playing in the US, and have been playing on Bovada for a few months now.

      I know there is plenty criticism of Bovada's anonymity, amongst other things, but being in the US, I don't have much of a choice where I can play.

      Anyway, I've searched through the forums a bit and haven't found a satisfactory answer to a couple questions I have.

      First of all, I'm playing on a mac and, although I know it is impossible to track other players on Bovada, is there any software out there I can use just to track my own hands? Are there any HUDs or any kind of software at all I can use with my Bovada Mac client to keep track of my own playing and perhaps display useful information while playing?

      I've used equilab and other calculators, but anything that runs natively on Mac would be desirable.

      But, if not for Mac, is there any software at all that I can incorporate into my play on Bovada to make me a better player? I can run a virtual machine with Windows if necessary.

      I'm mainly interested in keeping track of my own hands to analyze how I play and give me the opportunity to analyze and correct weaknesses in my techniques that a piece of software might obviate.

      Also, since Bovada draws such criticism, are there any other sites people would recommend for us Americans, preferably that will cooperate with any tracking software currently available?

      I hope I've posted this in the correct place, and haven't overlooked any relevant posts, if I have, I encourage you to direct me to anything I might find useful.

      I've read most of the articles available to people with the basic membership to this site (is there a way to upgrade to bronze without having to pay?) , but if anyone has any advice on how a beginner like me might best improve my game would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance, and I wish everyone good luck!
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    • ProfitsofDoom
      Joined: 29.08.2012 Posts: 177
      Ace Poker Solutions just put out a HH converter that will allow you to convert hands from Bovada into Pokerstars format, so you can import them into PT or HM. I just actually posted yesterday, because in one of the last couple updates, you can now see mucked cards for all players. so it is a pretty nice feature for reviewing.

      They are the same people that make Leakbuster which you may want to look into also. i wasn't super happy playing on Bovada at first because i wasn't able to track my play, or use Leakbuster to do analysis on my hands, but now the HH converter solves that problem.