100k hands at NL10-6Max Stats and Graph for Review

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    • metza
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      Leakbuster has a free trial for 30 days if you wanna test that out with your database.

      I think 20.6 wtsd is pretty low, and I think often stats can work in conjunction to find what's going on. What I see here is too high flop cbet, giving up a huge amount on the turn and a low wtsd.

      If I saw someone with 89% flop cbet and 38% turn cbet I would float them in position till my fingers bleed :) However most NL10 players aren't studying your stats so what I think is happening more often is probably this (tell me if it sounds familiar)

      You cbet flop, and get called. Turn goes check/check. Opponent takes a stab on the river and you fold.

      There are a number of ways to counter this, if this is in fact a valid leak.
      a) Cbet less often
      b) Study board texture so you feel more confident double and even triple barrel bluffing sometimes a.k.a turn cbet more often.

      Hopefully someone better at poker than me can comment on the stats, but also I hope it is helpful :f_biggrin:
    • kymupa
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      Hey Al,

      So, first of all, I want to congratulate you on trying to work on your game.
      So far, you played 100k hands but you are break even, and this being micro-stakes is a little bit concerning.

      So, what the graph shows us is that your biggest problem is the red line. I know that on these stakes it is pretty hard to move it up, but you have to push forward and try this. This does not mean "go make mindless three barrel bluffs", but rather find out why this line goes down.

      Usually, this happens for the following reasons (I might have forgotten some so sorry in advance):
      - not stealing enough
      - not defending enough
      - cbetting too much and the giving up on the turn
      - calling bets on flop/turn without having a plan how to play on the later streets and end up just folding there
      - playing too much OOP
      - bluffing calling stations
      - not cbetting good turn cards enough
      - etc, etc.

      So, as far as I can see from the stats here, you might have several of these problems, but don't worry - your stats look good overall.

      First of all - VPIP/PFR. Usually, to have a solid WR even on these stakes you have to play more hands. I would strongly advice you to not change much EP and MP (you could probably not change them at all) since at these positions you are likely to play OOP most of the time and this might cause a lot of mistakes postflop.
      You should definitely loosen up from SB - people rarely defend enough so you could steal a lot there, as long as you don't fight for every pot, and you could probably go a little bit looser at CO as well.
      Also, what might be a case in stealing is sizings. Everything more than 3bb in CO-BU-SB is considered as bad, unless we have a fish that calls a lot.
      I would usually make it 2.5-3bb on the CO, 2.2bb on the BU and 3bb at SB. Of course, against tighter guys or pro short stackers we could minraise all the way.
      Other thing that might be a problem is the 3bet - 5.7% overall looks fine. You didn't give the 3bet stats from the positions, but I would recommend you to start 3betting more IP especially against people that tend to play straight forward.
      You didn't give fold to 3bet either, but with 7.7% call against 3bet you are going to become very exploitable. You should definitely consider your defending range.
      Also, your are too tight from the blinds. You should probably consider defending a little bit more on BB and SB, but I will strongly advice you to do this smoothly since if you start defending 10% more at the same time, you are likely to have troubles.

      About postflop - you have quite bad distribution of the aggression frequency on the streets. You should try to have smaller margins between the AFq on the different streets. This is most likely to be caused mainly by your high flop cbet % and low turn cbet %. This way you are quite exploitable and you should probably consider cbetting less on the flop and more on the turn.
      Also, your fold to cbet looks very high - with this high cbet % villains can have profitable cbets with any two cards.

      I hope you find this useful. If you have any questions feel free to ask.