• Edgaar
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      Hello Everybody!

      I am Tamás from Hungary.

      What do you play?
      Currently I am playing NL50 SH on Party network.

      Poker history?
      I started playing poker in 2010 with NL2. I didn’t run well, so I tried SNG, but I didn’t like fixed time of it and I returned to cash game. The most of the time I spent on NL20/NL25 and I was a BE player at tables and my profit came from rakeback only. It seems that in this year I started to win at tables too.

      Goals and aspirations for poker?
      Short-term goal: to beat NL50 and move up NL100.
      Long-term goal: move up higher and higher :)

      What do you struggle with?
      - Game in blinds
      - Stop the game in time when I have losing day

      What do you want to get out of the bootcamp?
      I hope I learn new things and improve my skills, and I also hope it will force me to learn and practice English. :)

      Sorry, my English not too good. If something is not understandable then write me please and I try to explain. :)
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    • ErikStenqvist
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      Hey Tamas!

      My name is Erik and I will be part of the coaching staff focusing on Tilt, A-Game, Mindset, and Lifecoaching. So if you have any questions you can just post them
      here and let me know in my Q&A thread if I take too long to reply. I'll be trolling around the forums but just so I don't miss anything. :)

      Welcome to the bootcamp! :)
    • gadget51
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      Hi Tamas, I hope we find you well?

      This is just a reminder for you to update your thread with your questions and perhaps report on your progress so far, it keeps your thread moving forwards. :)

      Perhaps you could elaborate on the things you struggle with?

      Oh and your English is excellent so no worries there! :)

      Regards and have fun,