[NL20-NL50] Nl50sh KQo

    • jachis
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      PartyGaming - $0.50 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

      Hero (BB): $68.80
      UTG: $106.81
      MP: $57.84
      CO: $40.56
      BTN: $40.51
      SB: $15.72

      SB posts SB $0.25, Hero posts BB $0.50

      Pre Flop: (pot: $0.75) Hero has Q:heart: K:club:

      fold, MP raises to $1.50, fold, fold, fold, Hero raises to $5.50, MP calls $4.00

      Flop: ($11.25, 2 players) Q:diamond: 3:diamond: T:diamond:
      Hero bets $7.50, MP calls $7.50

      Turn: ($26.25, 2 players) 9:club:
      Hero checks, MP bets $12.50, Hero calls $12.50

      River: ($51.25, 2 players) K:diamond:
      Hero checks, MP bets $32.34 and is all-in, fold

      MP wins $48.69

      Villain 28/21 170hand sample, fold to 3bet 25%(1/4), 4bet 0 (0/4), RFI MP 35% (7/19)
      Small sample but seems like he opens fairly wide from all positions and likes to call 3bets.
      I think I can get maybe 2 streets of value, I guess he could expect me to give up on such boar if I check and take a stab with his while range, but he can also check back and my hands is quite vurnable on this board.

      Could I bet flop/turn, ch/f river? I really dont like how I played this hand.
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    • w34z3l
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      Hey Jachis,

      Preflop is super thin for value, barely even worth it OOP. If he continues with 75% of a 35% range that's 26% total range which KQ is coin-flipping against.

      That's assuming he even does call that wide, because the stat you listed is general Ft3bet and what we are really interested in is the Ft3bet MP.

      Postflop, I think bet/folding 2 streets and then check/calling blank river would be totally fine here. Most opponents will let you know on flop or turn if they have 2pair+, so much of villains flop+turn flatting range is going to be flush-draws.