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[NL2-NL10] NL5 SH, QQ flop shove

    • dienaszaglis
      Joined: 12.06.2008 Posts: 999
      €0.02/€0.05 No Limit Holdem
      4 Players
      Hand Conversion Powered by

      CO (€4.08) 82bb
      BTN (€5) 100bb unknown
      HERO (SB) (€5.05) 101bb
      BB (€4.95) 99bb

      Pre-Flop: (€0.07, 4 players) HERO is SB Q:club: Q:heart:
      1 fold, BTN calls €0.05, HERO raises to €0.25, 1 fold, BTN calls €0.20

      Flop: 6:diamond: 4:spade: 3:spade: (€0.55, 2 players)
      HERO bets €0.55, BTN goes all-in €4.75, HERO?


      Don`t really want to play guessing games against unknown for a whole stack. He might be semi-bluffing, as well as shoving with worse: 77-TT(JJ).

      Against his whole range I`m getting the right price, however:

      Board: 6:diamond: 4:spade: 3:spade:
             Equity     Win     Tie
      MP2    48.12%  46.78%   1.34% { TT-33, AQs-ATs, 64s-63s, 43s, 64o-63o, 43o }
      MP3    51.88%  50.54%   1.34% { QhQc }

      Would call in 3-bet pot for sure.
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    • CPallo
      Joined: 12.04.2012 Posts: 4,350
      You should provide some stats about Button. Passive, aggressive? How often he limps?

      One should already have some picture about "unknowns", too, unless this was like 1st-5th hand. If he was like 10/10 etc on that stat, you can't make any assumptions, but if he was 100/0 over small sample.. We can make some reads on him already :D

      Standard, I'd fold to that big bet. Limp/call pre, and then shove there=seems like sets, maybe some str8, if he limps like 100/0. Or overpair.
    • w34z3l
      Joined: 03.08.2009 Posts: 13,331
      Hey dienaszaglis,

      Preflop iso-raise is good.

      I'd probably just fold flop here vs an unknown unless you had reads that he was crazy.

      Regarding your range ----> if he has 64o, and 64s, he's going to have 57o, and 57s for the straight right?

      The AQs-ATs combos need to be specifically for spades!

      Suddenly we are not getting such good equity. More like 40%.

      If he doesn't shove 77-99 either we only have like 28% equity. That's not even including stuff like 25o, 25s.

      Calling is going to be at best case, close in equity, whereas you could end up totally crushed if villain is not shoving that wide.
    • dienaszaglis
      Joined: 12.06.2008 Posts: 999
      Yes, forgot about the straight combos.
      And made a mistake with suited broad-ways, I meant to put spades, not suited.

      BTN (€5) 100bb unknown