Thought I would play WCOOP Step SNG on Stars. What the hell I can't even beat the worst players on the planet. Time to give this shit up for a while extremely pissed.

First SNG

3 players left, 2 get ticket to next step

I have KJs get called by 82 of the same suit by a player that barely had me covered. All in PF shoved by me and called by donkey. he rivered a Str8.

So yay me I win a Step 1 ticket, so I tried another one.

Down to 4 players I'm short stack with 1300 in chips push AKs called by a player that had 1700 chips again called by 82 and loose. I mean wtf who the hell puts their sng life on the line with 82. I don't understand the reasoning or the logic behind this game at times.

I think a long break is needed for me because doesn't matter the game or hand I play the donks always seem to beat me and to tell you the truth I have had it. If I could reach thourgh the PC and choke to donk I certainly would.

I have followed the charts to a T and still get beat by the worst players in the world. What really is the point, not sure but wtf.

Well some one has to win and Jokerstars certainly has the Donkey switch turned on against me.

End Rant