3bet/4bet Preflop. Part 1 (IP or OOP vs Resteal)

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      That's not about specific regular, but about a common situation in general.

      I hate this random 3bet/4bet dynamics in Steal Spots and I finally want to work out.

      There'll be a bunch of questions :f_biggrin: At first I thought to get it all in one thread - but that's to many information.

      So, let's try to work out coherently in each situation.

      We're playing steal raise and "Reg" OOP or IP 3bet Us.

        Preflop: Hero is BTN or SB with X X
        3 folds, Hero raises to 2 BB, SB or BB "Reg" 3bets 7-9 BB

      Enemy: 21/17

      For this situation we'll build our decision on the next stats:

      Resteal vs BU Steal / Fold Resteal vs 4bet / Call 4bet / 5bet
      Cbet Flop 3bet pot / Cbet Turn 3bet pot / Cbet/Fold 3bet pot

      Opponent has:

      • a) Fold Resteal vs 4bet > 55-60%.

        (If we'll play 2x 4bet - we'll bet 12 - 16 BB for pot 21,5 - 28 BB = nearly 55% FQ)

        Easy situation. We will play 4bet bluffs.

      • b) Cbet/fold 3bet pot OOP > 45-50%

        We will play some bluff and semibluff raises on flop.

      • c) Low Cbets in 3bet Pot ( Cbet Flop < 55%, Cbet Turn < 50%)

        We will play more calls IP with value hands like AJ, AT, KQo, KJs - depending on his Resteal Range.

        In this spot we can win cheap pots postflop with medium value hands and win some pots with floats or another bluffs/semibluffs.

      • d) Wide 5bet range. Something like Resteal 16% and 5bet 30%. Then 5bet Range = 0,3 * 16% = 4,8%.

        In this spot we will expand our 4bet/Call range (AQo, AJs, 99 and etc) - depending on 5bet Range

        There's 1st problem - very often actually we haven't enough samples for determining opponents 5bet range.

        Q1) Your 4bet/call range here vs different Resteal 3bet Ranges? Why?

        Your Range when you're in BU, and when you're in SB? What's difference?

        Now the hardest one:

      • e) High 3bet Resteal, Low folds vs 4bet, High Contbets in 3bet pots.

        Looks like: 3bet Resteal - 10-16%, Fold vs 4bet - 25-45%, Cbet Flop 3bet Pot: 60-80%; Cbet Turn 3bet Pot: 60-80%; Cbet/Fold 3bet pot < 45% Often Low mining distance - 1k - 5k hands

        Sometimes we see this stat vs loose regs and often, when we just haven't enough samples.

        So, opponent often resteal you, don't fold vs 4bets (with tend to loose 5bets or calls), everytime contbets postflop.

        That's really annoying, isn't it?

        Q2) What do you do in this situation? Especially when you haven't enough hands and samples vs opp.

      [COLOR=blue] Q3) Any additions on this topic? [/COLOR]

      P.s. if there's some mistakes in English, then if you've rights - edit this post plz :f_biggrin:
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    • jachis
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      I call with decent broadways QJs+, KJo+ depending on the villain and 4bet bluff some Ax, Kx if villain folds to 4bets.
      If villain stacks of light then offcourse widen 4bet value range.


      Very villain dependant.

      If villain folds to 4bets 60%+ then 4bet bluff hands with blockers and call 3bets with some good broadways + sometimes KK or AK

      If villain also cbets flop with low Fq, I think I can widen my calling range as I can get more freecards.
      The same If villain cbets a lot of flops but gives up on turns a lot

      I dont use cbet/fold stat- I think you need a big sample for this stat to be reliable.

      Against crazy barreling people I slowplay more of my good hands QQ+ AK (not always but more then against different types of villains) and some weaker broadways that can still flop good pairs. And when I hit im in calling station mode.
    • babbas90
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      phew a lot of information in one post :P


      a) BU
      if your sample is big enough you can 4betbluff really wide. A really exploitive play would be to call our monster and only 4betbluff. But only as long as he doesnt adapt.

      I'd 4bet a bit tighter just because ppl hate folding vs 4bets BvB and in opposit to BU I'd also 4bet all my monsters just because its hard to get enough value oop

      b) for BU and SB
      I dont think that this is a reliable stat since the boardtexture will be very important, so I wont immediately overadjust to this one and raise a bit wider on the flop but not essentially wider than normal.

      c) This stat is only half of the story, just because his cbet is low doesnt mean he gives up the pot alot. I would need more information than this stat to adjust

      d) Your range seems reasonable and youre right that you have to be careful since a big sample will be very important for this stat. Id rather 4b/call 88 than AJ since a lot of ppl 3b/shove small pockets.

      e) just tighten up your prefloprange vs him and you'll print money