Which sng should i play

    • LPLDS
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      hi , i have 24 dollars , and due to bad luck and or a little of bad brm and strategy in the beginning i have 24 dollars.
      i play at poker stars , and there there is a 360 man 10 cent sng.
      the minimum payout is 20 cent to the 36th and 8.5 dollars to the winner
      should i play overthere ? i can afford 240 sng there then
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    • sirilidion
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      I would just multitable the $ 1 sng which are beatable enough. If you just keep too the articles and bankrollmanagement. If things aren't going so well it is never a bad idea too read the articles again, watch some videos, visit a choaching and post some hands. This way you will learn a lot more about the game.

      You can play the 360-man sng's if you want aldo there isn't much information here about these multi table sng's or any tournament play for that matter.