in one of Schnitzelfisch's videos is the idea to create a Masterfocuslist.
This is a list of all details your want to involve in your decision-making process and in your overall thougts while playing.
So than you can pick some things out of the list and drill yourself to focus on that detail untill you do it unconsciously in every situation. Than you can add this part to your personell Real-focus-list. I think by doing this we can get a good overview where we can improve=)
Thx Schnitzelfisch :f_p:

So lets start:

:spade: MASTERFOCUSLIST :spade:
exploits vs villains tendencys?
percieved range
cards on laterstreets
different boardtextures
betsizes why do I bet this amount?
flatting (what is the reason why not folding/3betting?
3betting why not call/fold
4betting what is his 3bet range? how does he react to 4bets?
Ev-classification(max Ev?...why do we make money in this spot?
variance...(pre flop kk vs aa...we dont make money in this spot because the money goes in no matter what, nobody makes a mistake)
tilttrigger(when do I start tilting? after badbeats?)
focus ( do i really concentrate on the game or do I skype or surfing inet??
My Game(a,b or c-game in this session?
Which spots I cant handle with? Where does villain crush me?

Please add your thougts and ideas :P