I play in a really lucerative live game once or twice a week. The game dynamic is alot different from the online games and would like to discuss how to best adapt to this game.

It's a £1/£1 full ring game with a £200 max buy in but it plays more like £1/£2 or when the straddle is on, like a £1/£2/£4 game due to the high preflop raises. At the beginning of the evening, stacks are shallow, but £500 - £1000 stacks are normal after a few hours of play.

At the moment I am a big winner in the game, but I play very tight and relatively ABC.

Preflop there is alot of limping and 5 / 6 players in an unraised pot is normal. In a raised pot, 3 / 4 players is normal. The standard preflop raise varies between 5x and 9x where very often the size of the raise reflects the strenght of the hand.

Usually the table consists of 10 players, 1 or 2 decent tags or lags, a nitty player who you can run over, 1 maniac and the rest are just calling stations, both pre and postflop.

Implied odds are massive in the game, due to the large stacks and calling stations.

My postflop strategy is basically fit or fold vs the calling stations and maniacs and floating the nits alot when heads up.

My main question is, how would you adapt your preflop ranges to this game. Current I limp (a mortal sin) from UTG with wide range of speculative hands and slowly increase my raising range. Can I even start to raise speculative hands in late position in an unraised pot just to build the pot and play a large pot with a speculative hand?