NL50 stubborn reg

    • katewalker1
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      Ok guys, these are my popups, the first when he bets, the second when he opens, the third is the general postflop popup; in reality I also use others popup, one for the steal, one for the turn, one for the river...

      I'd know how should be my general plan for preflop (3bet/shove, 3bet/fold, 4bet/fold and 4bet/shove, blind defence) and how to play postflop.

      I've some reads:
      - He's a good bluffcatcher on the river
      - He always goes broke with AK preflop, sometimes with AQ and he loves flatting PP IP.
      - When he raises Flop cbet , he always continues the action.

      What other informations should I search from the database?

      TY :P
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    • lnternet
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      4600 hands sample is good but not good enough for formulation a full gameplan. Even for preflop we are missing some spot.. like his EP fold to 3bet we don't know yet.

      His IP 3bet is very low (3bet CO and BT). This means you can open wider when he is IP on you. His OOP 3bet (SB and BB) is fine, so don't open wider when he is in the blinds.

      His f3b on the button is too high. You should 3bet all air hands from SB and BB until you think he catches on.

      His skXC is very low. (Skip Cbet OOP and check call). He either folds or raises (raises a lot so far!), which means when he does check to you IP you want to bet very small.

      His fcb (fold to cbet) is high, so you can cbet bluff most trash hands usually.

      The rest seems ok. Don't think he has many leaks looking at this. Def not a high stakes reg but he is solid overall.