Betfair 2: Hand history files not saved on PC automatically

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      Good day to you.

      I have the following issue and I would be grateful if you helped me solve it:

      Betfair 2 is not saving my cash game hand histories automatically and there are no such settings to turn the saving process on or off. A friend of mine is also playing on Betfair 2 and has no such issues.

      I have turned UAC off.
      I have turned the "show hidden files" option on.
      I'm using Windows 7 and in the following folders there are no history files:


      What is interesting, however:
      When I'm logged in on Betfair I can access my hand history via the software by clicking "My Account" -> "Cash Table History". From there I can actually get the files on my PC by clicking the "update local information" button. When I do that, the history file appears in the following folder/subfolders:

      C:\Poker\ Poker\History

      I can even import these files on HEM2 and everything is fine with them.
      However, this is a manual process and my HUD doesn't work like this anyway.

      What's up with this? It's frustrating because I can't really play without solving this issue.

      Their support are not responding to my messages.
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