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Betfair 2 Hand history files not being saved

    • Avatars91
      Joined: 18.12.2009 Posts: 2,689
      Not sure if this is the place to seek help but just wanted to see if you maybe have already been approached with this issue. Not related to HEM directly, I guess but still:

      I have the following issue and I would be grateful if you helped me solve it:

      Betfair 2 is not saving my cash game hand histories automatically and there are no such settings to turn the saving process on or off. A friend of mine is also playing on Betfair 2 and has no such issues.

      I have turned UAC off.
      I have turned the "show hidden files" option on.
      I'm using Windows 7 and in the following folders there are no history files:


      What is interesting, however:
      When I'm logged in on Betfair I can access my hand history via the software by clicking "My Account" -> "Cash Table History". From there I can actually get the files on my PC by clicking the "update local information" button. When I do that, the history file appears in the following folder/subfolders:

      C:\Poker\ Poker\History

      I can even import these files on HEM2 and everything is fine with them.
      However, this is a manual process and my HUD doesn't work like this anyway.

      What's up with this? It's frustrating because I can't really play without solving this issue.

      Their support are not responding to my messages.

      Because of this I can't get my HUD to work at all.
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