A Quest - dum dum dum dum...

    • thedahl
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      Thats right- my first quest. I feel like a barbarian on Diablo II. Before I get to my quest of a lifetime (don't get your hopes up its not very great). I need a few things.
      - $10.00 is my PokerStars account (rhondadahl)
      - Some tasty feedback from you guys

      I have a PokerStars account, but no cash on it :( - If anyone could help my cause I would appreciate it x100000 - Just give me a task in return and I will repay the deed.

      The Goal: To go from $10 to $100 *gasp*

      It seems minute (not like time, like small) but this task would really boost my poker-self confidence and would test my bankroll management. I would just put $10 in my account, but I do not have a credit card anymore (I only like using money I have).

      I feel like a hobo asking for money-

      I will post as many hands as I can and update my bankroll status daily.

      Thank you :)

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