Playing against fishes (live)

    • riks12
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      I have been playing live poker in a place with a lot of fishes and have a few questions about how to increase my profit against them.. For example today I had 4 out of 6 big fishes and didn't make much profit which made me think what is the best strategy against them. We play NL10.

      Firstly, I have always obviously tried to play in position against them. They all limp nearly always and play most of hands. I have been playing ABC poker against them (raising 3xBB+1BB for every limped played) and few of them usually call. Post-flop I also try to C-Bet a lot of flops, but quite often someone calls.. Should I do so against them or just check if I don't hit fine?
      Also, what should my bet sizings be in pre-flop and in flop, since it looks like they don't seem to pay too much attention on pot size and bet ratio?

      All suggestions and good advice is welcome. :)
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    • Rogier
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      dont play as tight as you do online, it's entertainment for you + being in pots with position on the fish should be pretty good regardless.

      value of suited connecting cards/suited aces goes up multiway

      if people are rarely folding to raises / 3bets, raise with whatever hand that can hit TPGK, where good kicker means better kicker than villain.

      with respect to cbetting: dont do it as much 4multiway as you would heads up, for obvious reasons

      if villains dont watch betsizing as much, ask yourself what you want to achieve in the hand; certain hands play better multiway than others, are you bluffing/valuebetting if you bet, and should you consider taking different sizes for each?

      also try to focus on your opponent(s) more: do they often give up after 1 bet? is a turnbet on an overcard extremely often a fold? is toppair the unholy nuts for them?