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3/4/5 bet startegy against a nl100 reg

    • PokerIsBadBeat
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 798
      Hello huys, I'm from the french community and I will need your help to etablish my 3/4/5 bet startegy against this reg who 3 bet a lot.

      There is his stats :

      VPIP : 20 ; PFR : 17 ; 3 bet : 10 ; squeez : 10 ; fold to 3 bet : 48 ; 4 bet : 13 ; fold to 4 bet : 45 ; fold to 5 bet : 7 (2/28) ; fold to conti bet flop in 3 bet pot : 33 ; fold to cb in turn in 3 bet pot : 38

      So this guy is not folding to 3 bet and he is not folding to conti bet on the flop and on the turn neither.

      Steal CO/BTN/SB : 22/30/29 ; 3 bet vs CO : 12 ; 3 bet vs BTN : 17 ; 3 bet vs SB : 19 ; conti bet in 3 bet pot flop/ turn/ river : 80/45/78

      Number of hands : 6.1k

      This guy is 3 betting 17 against BTN and he also has a huge range of 5 bet bluff, He made a 5 bet against me with those hands : 67s and KJ. He will 3 bet / 5 bet or 4bet call AQ.

      If he 3 bet and don't conti bet on the flop, this mean that he give up. But if he 3 bet and conti bet on the flop, he can check call turn with over card or check raise for bluff or for value.

      At this moment my 3 bet range is composed at 90% of its range : 88+ AQ+ and I will 5 bet those hand. And 10% of my range is composed of suited connector and AXs. I call a 4 bet with my suited connectors and some AA and KK.

      How would you build your 3/4/5 bet startegy against him? How how would you defend against his 3/4 bet?

      Thanks for your help and sorry my spelling mistakes.
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    • NightFrostaSS
      Joined: 25.10.2008 Posts: 5,255
      Have you seen him showdown any hands when he just called 3bets?

      From how little he folds to 5bets it seems like he's 4betting very depolarized range

      So what I think I would do is to 3bet him 100% depolarized range, as there should be a lot of value against him postflop. So instead of Axs I'd pick AT, then KQ etc and just going to value town postflop.

      Think we should also be 4betting wide for value and not have 4bet/folding range at all.
    • PokerIsBadBeat
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 798
      Hi, thank you for your answer.

      There is his some ranges :

      3Bet range {KK+,JJ,77-99,AKs,A9s,KJs,QJs,J9s+,97s,87s,76s,ATo+,KJo} (34)

      4Bet+ range {99+,AQs+,KJs,76s,AQo+} (21)

      Called 3Bets in position {QQ,44,AJs-AQs,A9s,A2s,JTs,97s,87s,ATo} (10)

      Called 3Bets out of position with {JJ,77-88,22,ATs-AJs,KQs,T7s,AQo} (10)
    • Lackoogcb
      Joined: 16.04.2008 Posts: 1,648
      I think the most important stats we need are:

      raisefirst stats: EP/MP/CO/BU/SB (you wrote down the last three)
      fold to 3bet all pos.
      3bet all pos
      vs3B all pos
      4bet% or 4bet range all pos

      He steals on BU and CO pretty tight, so I think we don't need to defend vs his BU, CO raisefirst that much. If he folds 48% on BU as well I'd almost completley forget my bluffing 3B range, but what 's important: is he 4bet a lot? If answer is yes, then we can't 3betting depolarised too much cause we have to fold when he 4bets too often. So here's what a ithink:

      1) if he doesn't fold much, but very low 4bet% and he calls often
      -> depolarized 4bet range, and this case I think your broke range is pretty bad. 3B/5B w 88 just gonna be huge -EV, because he is not 4betting a lot.

      2) if he doesn't fold much, but very high 4bet% and he calls rarely
      -> flating with the broadways (ofc we 3B/5B AK) and we can put some 3B/5B "bluffs" there maybe A2-A5s, if he'd have a 50% BU raise first and 25% 4bet I'd 3B/5B all pairs and A2-A5s

      (if he starts 4B/calling w AJ,AT,KQ then we can remove A2-A5s and go for value only or maybe mid pps)

      in 3bet pots: OOP
      does he have a high bet in position stat? if yes, you can do a lot of things:
      - x/r flop with premium where you fold a lot too: 892s x/r w AA, x/f w AK
      - cbet flop, x/r with premium or draws (cause he floats a lot)
      - cbet flop, cbet turn, x/c river if he can float 2 streets and bluff river

      vs his 3bets:
      - we should definiately minraise BU(still a lot, but not 100%), and call a lot w broadways and depend on his 3bet size maybe call some suited connectors as well. I'd not recommend to 4B/call too light because if he shoves with broadways and pps you guys will only cooler eachother all day long. Do not have a 4bet bluffing range at all if he doesn't fold vs 4bets. Maybe you can 4B/C AQ+,TT+, maybe AJs and 99 if he really 5bets that much.

      you can also try to triplebarell him in 3bet pots (or see any showdown when someone did it, or when you did it with value and get called), if you get a lot of folds you can't do one barell or double barell bluffs, only 3 shots or zero

      i hope it helps
    • PokerIsBadBeat
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 798
      "we should definiately minraise BU(still a lot, but not 100%)" I don't like that usually but versus him it is really powerfull because he still defend the same amount of hand.

      His stats 4 bet after raise is 14 % but against me it is really higher because I play 25/20/9.

      Thank you