Free rebuys in a tourney

    • Jafreiteris
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      Okey they have tournaments with for example two free buyins who could be taken in any time in first 60 hours, and would automatically added to player chip stack at the end of the first hour. So what the best strategy here, take all buyins in one time (you start with 3000 chips, if you rebuy at first minute you have total of 9000 chips at start) or keep them for later use?
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    • TheLazyGrinder
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      It depends on your postflop skill, if you are playing well postflop even with deeper stacks it would be better to take them all in the begining of tourney and play with 9k.. otherwise its better to play with normal stack and in case of losing stack you can take another shot.
    • H4rby
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      I dont see a reason not to take all the chips at start.

      There are enough bad players in the first blind levels who will stack you off with medium strength hands. So you need maximum available stack size to get max ev.

      If you want to keep one rebuy because you are afraid of busting with a bad beat instead of beeing big stack from start you just play over bankroll.