[NL2-NL10] NL2 QQ against short stack

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    • mbml
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      Don't see how we can ever fold here. I'm not even folding 77 here, so QQ is a very easy call.

      In terms of pot odds, we have to call 20c more and pot will have 65. We are getting 30.7% pot odds and we'll just need 30.7%+ equity to justify a call here (not taking into account the rake though).

      I think his range is going to be pretty wide. Won't be surprised to see any pocket pair here, and a ton of unpaired hands like AK AJ AQ KQ and maybe some worse hands.

      If you want to play poker more seriously, I suggest you download pokerstrategy equilab and play around with ranges. See how your hand fares vs your opponent's range.