Timing tells got any?

    • prime333
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      I'm just wondering what you guys think about timing tells. Sometimes I get raised and it's really fast my opponent will raise me .1 seconds after the action is on him. I'm just wondering have you guys picked up any timing tells. Sometimes I get raised really fast and I'm wondering if my opponent is bluffing. Sometimes he will be on a monster and he will raise before his time is up almost to act like he is weak. I'm just wondering if you guys have picked up any timing tells. Thanks.
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    • MatejM47
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      Well its kinda hard for you to pick up on timing tells online since you don't know if his tanking on purpose or his playing 24 tables and just hasn't gotten around to your hand yet. So relaying on the fact that someone is tanking is useless since you don't know why his tanking and you will just level yourself.

      If someone acts really fast tho that means he has a pretty defined range. Like when someone snap calls that usually means that he has some medium strength hand since he never considered raising or folding. If he would have flopped a set he would take at least a few seconds to consider raising or if he had total air to consider folding if that makes any sense.

      Same goes if someone raises you really fast its usually he already knew what his going to do so its more likely to be value then bluff. You will always take more time to consider weather to bluff this spot or not as opposed to having the nuts where you know your gonna raise.
    • metza
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      One timing tell that I think is pretty reliable is against a fish who takes a kinda long pause and you know they are counting out the straight to make sure they have it.