facing bet on river

    • tommygecko
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      I've filtered my hands where I faced a bet on the river. Not too large a sample (177 hands) but wr is -444.35bb/100

      Is this a massive leak? My WTSD when saw river is 69.4% and I win 41.7% of my river calls.

      Are there any other river stats I can look at? I tried to find river call % and went to river but I can't.

      Are my stats too high? 69.4% looks massive.

      I play at 10NL at 888.

      edit: My WTSD when facing a bet on the river is 48.6% so that's probably my river call%(estimate cause it includes a few hands where I raise/call). Is it way too high? What is the optimal number like?
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    • metza
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      Probably it is a leak. Since people don't bluff bet the river as often as it seems, calling light on river bets isn't a great idea. The fact that you've lost about 700bb from river calls means you ARE calling them a fair bit, and you're not getting it right.

      Two other stats that may be helpful to look at are
      overall WTSD% should be around 26-27% I am told (mine is 30% atm so need to work on the same thing you do, not being a station on the river)
      River Call Efficiency (there is a download for this stat for PT, I think its built in to HEM)

      The annoying thing is that successful hero calls feel damn good haha.

      The way I am trying to bring my WTSD down is from not just calling less on the river where I am beat as this is obvious solution, but also looking for spots where I can turn a moderate made hand into a bluff against people I know are capable of reading the board and making folds.