Why m i getting this error when i try to install postgres on vista home premium?

    • FPinto
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      the error is this:

      "Failed to run initdb: 1!
      Please see the logfile in 'C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.3\tmp
      Note! You must read/copy this logfile before you click OK,
      or it will be automatically removed."

      And on this file, I get a portuguese message, even using English as
      language for the installer:

      "Falha na inicialização do aplicativo devido a configuração lado a
      lado incorreta. Consulte o log de eventos do aplicativo para obter
      mais informações."

      The translation looks like:
      "Failed on application initialization due to side by side
      missconfiguration. Check the application's event log for more

      Hope someone can help me.

      Best regards
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