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50NL 3better

  • 2 replies
    • mbml
      Joined: 27.11.2008 Posts: 20,779

      I think this guy's 3b range changes greatly as he gets to later positions. So you'll need to defend a lot wider in late positions but you can continue being a nit in early positions. His 3b in CO is ridiculously low at 3.4%, so you can just fold AQ and maybe call 99-JJ if he makes it small enough or even just fold those immediately vs a larger 3b size.

      Frankly I don't think his 3bet range is that out of line, Just continue opening 25%-30% from CO (with smaller raise sizes of 2-2,5bb), min-raise from BU. if his 3bet restealing range from blinds is around 10-12%, I think we can call KQo/AJo and ATs/KJs, some decent suited hands like T9s and all suited broadways, 77-99. We can 4bet/call TT/AQ+ and mix in some 4bet bluffs like AXs.

    • yegon
      Joined: 23.02.2012 Posts: 3,048
      something wrong with your numbers, fold and call BB vs steal cant both be 79% :) I assume call vs steal is 10%

      this is actually tight and you almost have a profitable 2,5xBB BTN open with any 2 cards if you had 2 players like this in the blinds. Not that this information is important given the samplesize but it indicates that you should prolly not tighten your BTN opens just yet.

      again samplesize issues but I would check how much he folds to 4bets in the SB, his 3bet % seems to be too high there. BB numbers look balanced given he stacks off TT/AQ vs a 4bet as you mentioned

      I would definitely check and make sure to not fold too much vs his 3bets BTN vs BB and especially SB, would not want to fold over 70% for sure

      he also cbets a ton in 3b pots, you should filter the hands a see if he 1 and dones it and gives up the turns/rivers - this would allow you to widen your pf calling range vs his 3bets