Equilator "feature" wish

    • Vevusio
      Joined: 20.07.2008 Posts: 33
      using the equilator it is possible to manually type in something like
      "JcTh" into the textfields for player hands

      however it is not possible to do this inside the "Board" (community card) textfield

      so every time you want to do some input on the flop, turn, river you have to bring up the control which lets you select cards which is pretty unconvenient

      so if it would be possible for you guys to implement this functionality into the board textfield aswell that would be nice
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    • galam
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      That is already imported but the devs are pretty busy working on the Elephant atm. So it may take a while to release a new version of the Equilator. But i guess there is a good chance to implement the Equilator within the Elephant.