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    • Stu24023
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      Hi all

      I have been playing for some time now and my hand reading is poor and I think this is why I miss spots and get value bet when I am being aggro!

      Can anyone give meany advice or tips on how to get better at hand reading?

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    • DrDunne
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      i'm not very good either, but i've seen the most progress from speaking with better players over skype and just discussing hands.

      also if you run filters for particular situations and review a load of hands you will start to see some patterns.

      and finally if you study board textures along with hand combos you'll start to see situations where people can't really have a lot.

      in my opinion hand reading isn't something you can read about on a forum or watch in a video but instead you have to learn and study your game and other people's games in order to start understanding it.
    • vilistaja
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      For me a huge help was playing heads up with my friend and discuss all hands that we played. We both tried to guess each others ranges, witch are very wide heads up. Now when playing 6 max it's so much easier to think and make good plays.
    • justkyle88
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      Hey Stu24023,

      I found two articles that are available that might be able to help you get started with improving your hand reading.




      I understand it's a fixed limit article but it may give you an incite into a different way of thinking about how poker players create a range for a player.

      We don't want to put a player on an exact hand because its near impossible, but rather put them on a range of hands.


    • VorpalF2F
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      I printed out the "Advanced Open Raising Chart"

      The same chart is included in Equilab

      After using this chart as a guide for my own raising, I realized I could use it as a rough guide to villains hands as well.

      Clearly, if someone is opening way more often than these limits, then you can't really read them, but if they are opening way less then you can.

      Also, it only applies to "Raise First In" stat.
      If you use PFR, then it includes 3Bets

      I don't have RFI by position in my HUD, but many people do now.
      I have it in a popup instead.
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      Some great advice here for you Stu :)