Hey there, good evening. I am hearing so much about the TAG strategy, which hates limping. I was thinkign really a lot and I can't get this in my mind -> why limping with suited connectors is no-no? Example, 98s, 6 man table, you are CO, MP limps, you? Fold, call or raise? TAG says:" raise or fold". But is limping forbidden? If you limp for just big blind you can flop a monster against very strong hand just for a cost of big blind win a whole stack of your opponent, if you don't hit(a pair is not a hit in this situation) you can just back off. I runned through my statistics and I found that limping brought me much more profit than raising with suited connectors particularly out of position! In position is about the same because of continuation bets. Could you please clear my mind once and forever on this, what are the cons of doing that?