Apurvam's Poker Journey

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      I've been playing poker about half year. Haven't been really been a winner yet. With time I've changed my attitude and the way I approach poker..

      I will give quote from successful player:
      “I have spent a lot of time playing poker in the past year. I completely immersed myself in poker. I have read every poker book, spent countless hours browsing and reading forums, spent even more hours analyzing my play and my opponents plays. And then beyond this I have played endless hours. I really enjoy playing and I think if you don’t you will never reach your fullest potential. You really have to love to play the game.“

      Excellent words, in my opinion!

      Now I play much more than I were before. I also try to study each day a little of that time. I try to review hands where I lost the most and understand why. I try to be discipined and play with patience.

      Now I'm reading Verneer - Moving Through uNL [2010] ebook.

      I play NL5 6-max.

      OK enough boring talk here is my graph from last 5-6 days:

      I tried to insert graph as picture, but it didn't show up. Why?

      To be continued...
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