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hand vs. tough Reg Hu - starting table...

    • IronPumper
      Joined: 03.01.2008 Posts: 14,993
      $2/$4 No Limit Holdem
      2 Players
      Hand Conversion Powered by

      SB ($405) 101bb
      Hero (BB) ($413) 103bb

      Pre-Flop: ($6, 2 players) Hero is BB 10:diamond: J:heart:
      SB raises to $8, Hero calls $4

      Flop: J:diamond: 7:spade: J:club: ($16, 2 players)
      Hero checks, SB bets $11.63, Hero calls $11.63

      Turn: Q:diamond: ($39.26, 2 players)
      Hero checks, SB bets $30, Hero calls $30

      River: 10:heart: ($99.26, 2 players)
      Hero checks, SB bets $74.07, Hero goes all-in $363.37

      Ive started with this reg this 6max-tbl and it was pretty early in the match.
      So far nothing crazy or interesting happened.

      The questions regards to the river would be:
      1.) what`s the worst hand you would valujam here?
      2.) what`s our bluffingrangeOTR? i guess simething like 7dXd?

      Furthermore I am highly interested in the tunrplay:
      Im not a hu-reg, but I start lots of tbls and hence wanna improve my Hu-game (will even soon get coaching from a hu-crusher) - here Im not sure OTT.
      At 6max your C/Call-range OTF regards to air is here oftentimes way smaller, so that you do not stand on this turn with lots of air w some EQ...
      Here things might change cause youwould call the flop with more gutters,

      Hence I think that at 6max in many spots it is enogh to have more of a C/Call plan OTT on such boards and delay your action to the river (for value and e bluffs...) like I have done it here.

      Given that at hu we have lots of air OTT w little EQ, which we cannot C/Call OTT,
      it seems to me that it is crucial at Hu to have also in such spots a somewhat balanced C/R-strat OTT - but Idk if Im not off here - some Hu-experts like imfromsweden and Internet micht help here (anyways sad that those bouth do not post here so far so much cause both are obv. strong players and hence discussions would be very interesting...).

      If my thoghts are right, then I would like to know how at best figure out what hands I wanna then have in my C/R-rangeOTT (for value and as a bluff) and what hands I wanna have in my C/C-range OTT, so that noone of those ranges will get too weak or too strong...

      Im noticing right now that my size was a slight PS-overjam (PS would have been round 320$) - would you choose another size here?
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    • Lackoogcb
      Joined: 16.04.2008 Posts: 1,648
      a) what`s the worst hand you would valujam here?

      you don't really can valuejam worst hands, 77, J7 and thats it, maaaaybe AJ if you don't 3bet pre, maybe K9d9 but that should be in our x/r turn range I guess, 8s9s, 8c9c, 8d9d similar, but could be a call on turn...

      b) what`s our bluffingrangeOTR? i guess simething like 7dXd?

      well it depends on the villain, we don't always have to go with the GTO approach, there is a lot of regs against I'd never bluff that river and still get a lot of call from them. example 1: if he doesn't barell much, low af, low wwsf and high wtsd, honest on rivers, then he'd have at least a jack and never ever would fold that -> so we can jam better hands and thats it...
      I know it's rare but there are lot of players even on nl400 who play this style and they sometimes saw some bluffs from others (like you said you wanna bluff this spot some %) so they just never fold big hands, so obv we want to bluff against who 1) can bluff this river trip bar OR/AND can fold big hands 2) OR/AND a very good player, and we want to balance something.

      I just wrote this because you didnt tell much about the villain. If we really really need balance there definitely go with the 7dXd hands, or like 7Ko, 79, 78

      on the turn check/raise range could look like this:

      value: KJ, J9, J8 (maybe J6s) -> (24 combos)
      semi bluff: 8d9d, Kd9d, AdXd (Ad2d-Ad6d, Ad8d-AdTd) -> 11 combos
      and bluff a bunch of gs+blockers AdT, ATd, all T9, 89, T8, etc (we can have like 30-40 combos easly I guess) but like I said it is really depends on the villain