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[NL20-NL50] 4 85 nl25

    • ilidek
      Joined: 06.07.2010 Posts: 3,093
      MP: $27.73 (110.9 bb)
      CO: $21.37 (85.5 bb)
      BTN: $25.80 (103.2 bb)
      SB: $54 (216 bb)
      Hero (BB): $29.31 (117.2 bb)
      UTG: $41.98 (167.9 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is BB with 5:club: 8:club:
      2 folds, CO calls $0.25, BTN folds, SB completes, Hero checks

      Flop: ($0.75) A:diamond: 8:spade: 2:club: (3 players)
      SB checks, Hero bets $0.40, CO calls $0.40, SB folds

      Turn: ($1.55) 5:heart: (2 players)
      Hero bets $1.10, CO calls $1.10

      River: ($3.75) 7:club: (2 players)
      Hero bets $3.10, CO raises to $19.62 and is all-in, Hero folds

      just fold on the R?

      1 row) vipip / pfr / 3bet / fold to 3bet / 4bet / fold to 3bet / fold to 4bet as SQZer / agression
      2 row) open first UTG/MP/CO/BU/SB fold to steal SB / BU fold to steal BvB
      3 row) fold to 3b as UTG/MP/CO/BU/SB Agreesion Frequence % F/T/R
      4 row) cbet F T / fold to cbet F T / cbet 3 bet pot / fold to cbet 3bet pot
      5 row) rasie cbet F T / Fold to rasie cbet F T / donk donk/fold / bet vs missed cb IP / OOP
      6 row) name / WTS / W$SD / WWF / hands

      it may be helpfull:
      light red => atack (3bet, 4bet raise cbet)
      dark red => reaction to atack (fold to 3bet 4bet raise flop)
      green (Vipip / pfr + open first)
      light blue => cbet F T / cbet 3bet pot
      dark blue => fold to cbet 3bet
      yellow => showdown (WTS, W$SD WWF)
      light grey fold to steal SB BU and BvB
      dark grey agression % F/T/R donk/ donk/fold
      orange hands

      PS write stats manually or it's fine with solution?
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    • mbml
      Joined: 27.11.2008 Posts: 20,779

      Flop: I don't mind just leading out, this is mostly a protection bet and I wouldn't be too thrilled to c/r or c/c with our not-so-strong hand.

      Turn: Since this is a limped pot and we are against a fish, I Would just pot the Turn for max value.

      River: Potting here again. What does he really rep though, when he jams over our hand?

      Count your pot odds and give him a reasonable range comprising some straights and twopairs and sets. And this should be based on his Preflop stats of VPIP 53. Equilate this and compare equity to pot odds.

      This should be a good exercise for you. My guess is that it would be a close fold, but with an AX two pairs like A2 or A5 this would be a call. Try playing around with numbers to see what is the weakest hand you can call here with.
    • ilidek
      Joined: 06.07.2010 Posts: 3,093
      I think something like this:

      Stół: A:diamond: 8:spade: 2:club:  5:heart:  7:club:
             Equity  Wygrana  Podział
      MP2    45.23%   44.27%    0.95% { 8c5c }
      MP3    54.77%   53.82%    0.95% { A9s-A2s, 87s, 85s, 82s, 64s, A9o-A7o, 87o }

      PS. What about hud is it clear for you? I think it's better to show more stats because you can find some correlations that I don't see but I am not sure is it clear for you?
    • mbml
      Joined: 27.11.2008 Posts: 20,779
      I have a simple hud for the most common stats for preflop/flop. for anything else i use popups. i find that there is a lot less clutter on the screen this way. popups also allow u to have just so much more information. for example if i asked you about someone's positional fold to 3b stat, your hud doesn't tell me that.

      For your equity calculations, you are very far off from his river raising range. I Don't get why you are giving him so many one pair hands. He is never playing those in this way.
    • ilidek
      Joined: 06.07.2010 Posts: 3,093
      Originally posted by mbml
      for example if i asked you about someone's positional fold to 3b stat, your hud doesn't tell me that.
      Actually it does :) Third line first five numbers.

      He has 12% CO raise I think we can assume that is opening any Brodways, and PP+. He can even have some AA/KK/QQ because he want to play l/3b line. That was my first thoughts about his range:

      Stół: A:diamond: 8:spade: 2:club: 5:heart: 7:club:
      Equity Wygrana Podział
      MP2 7.14% 5.71% 1.43% { 8c5c }
      MP3 92.86% 91.42% 1.43% { A8s-A7s, A5s, A2s, 87s, 85s, 82s, A8o-A7o, A5o, A2o }

      I think it's easy fold
    • mbml
      Joined: 27.11.2008 Posts: 20,779
      yeah just an example, didnt really read all your hud numbers :)
      Maybe fold to 4bet from each position then, or 3bet by position which is also as important, if not more important.

      The range looks more reasonable now, and even if we do add some bluffs I think we are way too far off from having enough odds to call here.