Jack pot SNG's at iPoker

    • biogas
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      The traffic at low stakes (5.50$ and 11$) of FR sng are quite low, and I was looking something to get more volume. I see those jackpots fill up quite fast. But rake is 20%. Is it beatable or should I think about SH games for more traffic?
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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, Biogas!?

      Last time when I played those games was like an year and a bit ago and I never got to see somebody who actually had a big enough of a sample to be a proven winner. I also remember games super fishy, but the rake is really, really high that I am not sure how profitable they will be Itlg. I still assume you can be profitable prerakeb at these stakes though. Sorry for not being able to share more impressions!

    • martinemem
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      easy to calc for you. 5,5 * roi, so if roi in normal is 10%, then u earn 0,5$ pr game, then you should be break even in jackpotties, but if they are extra fishy, u might get a +roi.

      5+0.5 and u get 6 back, 5+1 and u get 6 back. If they are superfishy im sure it will be possible for you.

      If not, study to get over 10% roi and you will beat them in longrun :)

      Is theese jack pot sngs not something about getting 3 1. places in row?, if it is, you should be able to get jackpot every month, maybe even 3 times. Just sacrifice itm for 1.