Playing Against a Maniac?

    • maythany
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      This question is mainly aimed towards the bubble situation and the end game phase. If villain and I have same stack sizes then I would avoid this person if there is a short stack present during the bubble unless I got JJ+.

      When we are heads up (end game), we really only have 10-14bbs effective and we can't steal because he's going to call with anything. We also can't c-bet as much as we used to because of villain's aggression and potential high floating percentage (player dependent).

      So can we push according to the nash charts? Or is there a more optimal way to play against this type of opponent 10BB-14BBs effective with antes?


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    • amanofhisword
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      In my opinion since you cannot afford folding a lot, whenever your hand is statistically ahead heads up you gotta push and call with it. I think in the long run you will come first way more often than second considering the factors you stated.

      good luck