Hello everyone,

this will be my first detailed thread.
I hope I am writing this in the write category but I feel like it is.

I played poker occasionally in the past but I started taking it seriously mid dec.2012 after I lost my job and decided I can play poker fulltime and do well.

Well here is what happened, I made a few k's playing tournaments, but on days where I was down I felt the need to chase my losses and played cash and lost quiet a bit of money. Often have to re-deposit and start over.
Overall I am well up.

My strongest game is PLO H/L.
that was just an introduction...

I just wanted to share my knowledge and learn from people as you can learn from the good and the bad :}
see the title? "Battling the good and the bad" Well the reason for that title is because handling good days is just as challenging as handling the bad days. Just like you feel discouraged when losing a few days in a row, you feel invincible when you go on a winning streak.

Another thing is lets say I am in 6 tournaments and I make a big score in one and have five left and I am deep in 2 and looking really good, I tend to not take them as seriously as I would have had I NOT already make a good score. anyone else go through the same?

Here is an example of how to handle bad days...
lets say you have a very bad day and lose a lot, now you feel way behind.. but are you?? here is what would be a good thing to do... look at how much you are up playing poker and the amount of time you spent playing and see your hourly rate. Next time you start playing play your "AAA" game to keep that rate where it is and even improve it AKA forget about your last losing session(s)

any thoughts on that and if you want to share your experiences on what makes you a winning player and how you maintain a good mindset would be great.

I would be checking this thread often

good luck at the tables