about Restealing in the late phase

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      because I've just started playing tournaments sometimes I use charts for decisions, yesterday I've noticed that in resteal chart for example when we are small blind and UTG opens, we have to resteal AQ with <= 18 bb, and resteal 99 - TT with <= 13bb. but I think 99 - TT > AQ in any situation. for example if we take vilian's calling range 77 + Ajs + , 99 has 44% equity while AQ has 38%, even 77 has 40% equity. then why AQo is restealing with 18 bb and TT only with 13?

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    • Asaban
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      Good question!
      These charts aren't perfect in many ways. They are just an indicator to get you started. I would always recommend thinking about why you do something and afterwards decide if it makes sense, rather then relying on some chart.

      The idea of AQ being the better hand to repush is it's blocker quality. Since you block the Ace, your opponent is more likely to have a mediocre hand and therefore he will have to fold more often.

      Personally I don't agree with the chart on a number of situations.
      Try to improve as fast as possible and leave all these charts behind. They can't replace your own thinking and are not meant to do so. As long as you need the charts take them as a guideline rather then a law. It's a good start to question things that don't seem to make sense. Keep it up!

      If you have any further questions feel free to ask!