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nl100 reg

    • BigOVERBET
      Joined: 23.11.2010 Posts: 433
      So this guy is giving me the sickest headache, not only he is running REALLY good against me, but he is also playing good... any ideas, where his main weaknesses are...

      Also would like to ask a little off topic question...what are ur BIGGEST nl100 downswings people? :f_confused: :s_confused:
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    • alderfalder
      Joined: 16.01.2010 Posts: 1,999
      I just start writing down anything that I think isn't kind of optimal looking at his stats:

      RFI: EP fucking tight, MP very tight, CO/BU standard, SB looser
      3bet: quite the same at any position (doesn't make sense).
      Vs steal: folds quite a lot

      doesn't cbet too much on flop, higher than usual frequencies on T/R
      doesn't like to fold to donkbets
      foldtocbet high F/R
      WTSD on the higher end

      ideas how to adapt:
      vs EP/MP: This guy is only playing nuts in early position. Don't bluff3bet! Don't call stuff like AJ/QT etc. . He's dominating you. You can call all Pockets and setmine him (you will most of the time get 3 streets against his valueheavy UTG/MP range) . Dunno whether calling a lot of SC's and moving postflop will be succesfull (maybe give it a try how capable of folding this guy is with his 9% UTG range^^)

      vs CO/BU: Seems pretty standard. There is nothing special to adapt against

      Maybe you can look at call 3bet oop for choosing whether you should 3bet more polarized or depolarized ip. If he's calling a lot oop, take some hands with good playability and 3bet them:
      -> he's folding a ton to cbets in 3bet pots... 3bet hands like 78s and cbet almost any flop /barrel flops with good draws for you should print you some money
      Moreover plz have a look at fold to 4bet ip/oop. I guess he's folding lot more than this 36% average in poisition, because he's 3betting a lot against early positions. So he must either
      1) call a lot vs 4bets (valuebet bigger)
      2) fold a lot to 4bets (e.g. you 4bet in UTG vs his CO 3bet)
      3) 3bet/5bet wider range (just valuetown him if he wants to ship JJ vs ur UTG range...

      Postflop, when he is PFA I'd decide a lot on the flop:
      Is this hand strong enough/well playable when facing some barrels. If not, the flop is the right street to fold it, he'll barrel you off your hand too often

      If you're PFA: Keep barreling. Don't go 2 and done. Take your last barrel and fire it on the river whenever possible. This is the time he'll fold his medium strength hand

      One more thing: Take your strong hands and donk them. He definitely heard some stuff about raising donkbets. Test it with some strong hands/draws whether he's folding after raising a donk. If yes you can donk/raise a lot of drawy type hands

      So far, hope I could help you a bit. If you have a certain hand vs this villain feel free to post it. Maybe there're already some points we can try to exploit him..:)
    • BigOVERBET
      Joined: 23.11.2010 Posts: 433
      holy smokes, good stuff man ty...crushing the guy allready..i have found some big weakness in his game but tnx to some points here, im playing even better...cheers