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[NL2-NL10] 99 Sb

    • lyly13
      Joined: 28.07.2008 Posts: 96
      Full Tilt Poker Game #7477526812: Table Sword - $0.05/$0.10 - No Limit Hold'em - 7:31:53 ET - 2008/08/02
      Seat 1: Lyly13 ($1.60)
      Seat 2: pabpoker73 ($7.20)
      Seat 3: AsticoOo ($1.70)
      Seat 4: RELsezHIGH ($11.15)
      Seat 5: DouweEgbert ($2)
      Seat 6: hold3Mjay ($19.05)
      Seat 7: MD_575 ($7.20)
      Seat 8: BillOnTilt ($10.45)
      Seat 9: chopfi ($2)
      Lyly13 posts the small blind of $0.05
      pabpoker73 posts the big blind of $0.10
      The button is in seat #9
      *** HOLE CARDS ***
      Dealt to Lyly13 [9c 9s]
      AsticoOo folds
      RELsezHIGH folds
      DouweEgbert calls $0.10
      hold3Mjay folds
      MD_575 folds
      BillOnTilt folds
      chopfi folds
      Lyly13 raises to $0.50
      pabpoker73 folds
      DouweEgbert calls $0.40
      *** FLOP *** [6h Tc Qd]
      Lyly13 has 15 seconds left to act
      Lyly13 checks
      DouweEgbert checks
      *** TURN *** [6h Tc Qd] [As]
      Lyly13 checks
      DouweEgbert bets $1.50, and is all in
      Lyly13 folds

      did i play it right? i mean i couldn't cbet on that flop or could i ?
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    • DeKuip
      Joined: 07.03.2008 Posts: 10,995
      You can basically cbet any flop when you're heads-up.
      Potsize on flop is $1.10 and your remaining stack is $1.50.

      Normally we'd make a 2/3potsized cbet, which would be $0.70-$0.75.
      When you'll have to bet more than half of your stack you should move all-in immediately. So in this case it's a close call, but I think you can just push this flop!!

      The chance that he's holding a Q isn't that big, so you're probably in front here as well.
    • lyly13
      Joined: 28.07.2008 Posts: 96
      a Q or a T... and draws ... i was scared to cbet that flop with 99 :) i know it was only one player and should push here but he is a good player and i think he had me , although he checked the flop, the A on the turn scared me even more :) maybe he was drawing to a str8
    • DeKuip
      Joined: 07.03.2008 Posts: 10,995
      A good player still has no influence on the outcome of the cards.
      Big chance he's holding Ax here.
      Ok, a Q or a T, but a draw isn't beating you here, since it's just a draw. If you push immediately, you don't give him the odds to call for his draw, so that will be profitable for you on the long run.

      And the chance of him having a Q or a T isn't huge.

      So next time, just cbet! :)
    • Gerv
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 17,678
      2 Overcards on the board makes your Pocket pair worthless. Whethers its Pocket nines or Queens.
      I would have c/f all the way ;)
    • lyly13
      Joined: 28.07.2008 Posts: 96
      i got to take sides with DeQuip here .. but still it's just 51% to 49% :) but what he said about the ods of calling makes sense... so i guess pushing is best...
    • ysessa
      Joined: 11.07.2008 Posts: 1,331
      Hi lyly13,

      raise preflop to 0.6 because you are oop and then push any flop with 1$ remaining.

      Best Regards