[NL2-NL10] JJ nl5

    • JareJae
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      Hero (MP3): $10.27 (205.4 bb)
      CO: $5.25 (105 bb)
      BTN: $5 (100 bb)
      SB: $2.57 (51.4 bb)
      BB: $5 (100 bb)
      UTG+1: $6.77 (135.4 bb)
      UTG+2: $1.84 (36.8 bb)
      MP1: $1.86 (37.2 bb)
      MP2: $14.52 (290.4 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is MP3 with J:club: J:spade:
      4 folds, Hero calls $0.05, 2 folds, SB completes, BB raises to $0.25, Hero calls $0.20, SB calls $0.20

      Flop: ($0.75) A:diamond: A:spade: J:diamond: (3 players)
      SB checks, BB checks, Hero bets $0.35, SB folds, BB calls $0.35

      Turn: ($1.45) Q:diamond: (2 players)
      BB bets $0.50, Hero calls $0.50

      River: ($2.45) 9:spade: (2 players)
      BB bets $3.90 and is all-in, Hero folds

      what do u think good fold? ..bad move not to raise turn? ..i think he could be easy on AJ AQ or even QQ.
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    • mbml
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      Preflop limp: This is a very bad play. Just raise to 4bb yourself.

      Flop: We have a full housee. I'm nevfer folding now. Don't forget you beat a ton of flushes in BB's range. I think he has a flush here way more often than he has a stronger full house.

      River is an easy call if you did call the Turn. You need to call 3.90 more to win a pot of 10.25. Thus, we just need to win 38% of the time. I think we are often winning here more than 50% of the time so this is a really bad fold.

      Should we have raised the Turn though? I think we can call the Turn if we expect him to bet the River again and we can just shove over any bet from villain.