[VIDEO] Targeting capped ranges - Slam5

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    • Kingsurprise
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      Dont like his first hand. He is mostly bluffing vs sets and flushes and on nl200 villains just dont fold these even if we repp the nuts very hard.
    • Dublimax
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      Hand 1 w JJ: I like it but I disagree with villain's range. He calls 4% but here there are 2 ppl in the pot + the fish left behind. imo his range will be a lot wider than just PP (SCs, Axs, suited Broadways etc...). Still I think your play is fine because he would 3B turn with most of his value combos (but nut flushes)

      Hand 2 w KJ: Good spot to overbet river?

      Hand 3 w A7o: What is your river x/r range? I agree that with Adx it is probably better to x/r but don't you think that leading out the river would allow you to have more bluffs in your range? (ofc that depends on your x/r range but I doubt you have a wide x/r bluffing range that includes hands w/o diamond) hence making your range higher EV?

      btw for your next videos make sure your pop ups are on the recorded part of your screen so we can see them :)
    • owi85
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      JJ (1st Hand): multi-way and with the fish behind i dont think we can discount any combos of 33 and more importantly i think that he also peels a bunch of suited aces and other SCs as Dublimax already mentioned. We are attacking such a strong range here which isn't even really too capped. especially if he perceives you, like you mention, as very aggressive and loose i dont think theres much reason to 3b the turn even with Qhi or Thi flushes.
    • Farmarchist
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      What is your gameplan in SB v BTN open? I would not even consider flatting A7o in there :D

      Good vid overall :) .
    • Sjors777
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      About the JJ:
      Why do you chose this raise size on the turn. Would you pick this size with, say, a:sj?
    • BC1989RF
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      JJs hand: i like the idea but i think calling turn jamming river reps stronger/makes more sense with your range. also, dont think ppl fold sets that often :(

      Ad7: disagree with river line because of his flop sizing - think you're perceived to be c/f'ing quite ofteen when u check this flop and i expect villain not to bet that big with air (that you are targeting river).
      also agree with Dublimax; youll have some Qx Jx that c/c'd the flop this deep and will want to turn their hands into bluffs.

      JTs last hand: turn - speaking in relative terms Ax is the nuts in this spot. also, unless hes baddish, he shud know you bet your top range ott close to 100% given how often Qx weak Ax could cback the turn.
      river is actually interesting he ahs way more Ax than diamonds and hes perceived to be kinda strong; so maybe he thinks youre not bluffin this spot. that said i cant think of a value hand in your range c/r'ing this turn texture

      I liked the vid - if you could speak a lilbit faster that be great too.