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How long willl this last?...

    • mafaz
      Joined: 07.12.2007 Posts: 222
      Full Tilt Poker Game #7478496670: Table English Elm - $0.25/$0.50 - No Limit Hold'em - 9:57:47 ET - 2008/08/02
      Seat 1: alhena1682367 ($52.15)
      Seat 2: mafaz ($9.50)
      Seat 3: Sleepy7 ($74.25), is sitting out
      Seat 4: peitsche74 ($55.70)
      Seat 5: bastie69 ($71.30)
      Seat 6: Duck blind ($27.70)
      Seat 7: maloon ($20.70)
      Seat 8: Gargolissimus ($9.25)
      Seat 9: henku ($55.75)
      alhena1682367 posts the small blind of $0.25
      mafaz posts the big blind of $0.50
      The button is in seat #9
      *** HOLE CARDS ***
      Dealt to mafaz [Js Jc]
      peitsche74 folds
      bastie69 folds
      Duck blind has 15 seconds left to act
      Duck blind folds
      maloon has 15 seconds left to act
      maloon calls $0.50
      Gargolissimus has 15 seconds left to act
      Gargolissimus folds
      henku folds
      alhena1682367 folds
      mafaz has 15 seconds left to act
      mafaz raises to $2
      maloon raises to $3.50
      mafaz calls $1.50
      *** FLOP *** [4s Jd 5d]
      mafaz checks
      maloon bets $4
      mafaz raises to $6, and is all in
      maloon calls $2
      mafaz shows [Js Jc]
      maloon shows [Ts Kd]
      *** TURN *** [4s Jd 5d] [9h]
      *** RIVER *** [4s Jd 5d 9h] [Qs]
      mafaz shows three of a kind, Jacks
      maloon shows a straight, King high
      maloon wins the pot ($18.30) with a straight, King high
      mafaz adds $10

      So sick.... Im playing short [nl 50] stack strategy and am down 500$ these last 2 months.... maximum hands that i played in one day this month is 278. I dont even play every day now and little hands as i used to play at least 5K hands a day. If i played 5K a day now i probably would have been broke already. I just come loose 30$ a day when i play in some 200 hands and quit.... And this aint over as i see from the last hand. Am getting so frustrated that it looks i cant win any single penny anymore.... what do you do guys when you are on a downswing?
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    • punta
      Joined: 10.02.2008 Posts: 297
      I would of either pushed all in pre flop after his raise NEVER called. If I had stats on the player i may of folded - stats pending that is
    • MackieeE
      Joined: 07.02.2008 Posts: 31
      I'm surpised at his re-raise pre-flop with KTo, considering he's playing aganist an tight short stack player. Although i think you were fine with just calling him to see the flop. Its really unlucky to see those two cards fall on the river though. :(

      Keep going dude..!
    • NiekamNeidomu
      Joined: 29.05.2007 Posts: 307
      if this will cheer you up xD i lost 2/3rd's of my br ! and..then downloaded harry poter movie pack ;d (5parts ! ) xD
    • hyppolito
      Joined: 02.07.2008 Posts: 78
      Mafaz. I have some problems like you, but I always play exactly with the SSS. So I'd probably had bet 4BB + 1BB for limper, which is $2.50. If he re-raised after the $2.50 bet, than it's easy to go All-In pre-flop. I probably have pushed here, instead of have a difficult decision after the flop if it brings a Q K or A.