[NL2-NL10] NL5 FR : Raise or smooth call?

    • AussieIan
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      Blinds 0.02/0.04

      UTG+1 raises to 0.16
      Hero with 6d-6c calls from UTG+2
      BB Calls 0.12
      pot is now 0.50

      FLOP 3c 6s 7d

      BB checks
      UTG+1 bets 0.32
      Hero raises to 0.73

      BB and UTG+1 fold.

      BB had made some loose calls previous to this hand holding only overcards, no read on UTG+1

      Was it the right play to raise here, or should i have smooth called to induce blufing on turn and river?

      Sorry the hand has not been converted, i'm on a borrowed computer that i can't download extras onto.
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    • Faye6891
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      If you have reads that BB could call holding only overcards, a smooth call in this spot may be a good idea.

      The board is not dangerous, and if he has overcards and hit them on the turn, you may end up getting his stack (or a good chunk of it).

      But if you had no reads, a raise is to best option IMO. But I'd raise more (~$1.10).
    • LuckFactorX
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      I have to agree here with Faye. Smooth calling is a big mistake. the board is not draw heavy but straight draws might be present. your real problem with calling here is the still active BB who might get the odds to call for a open ended. after all he called too before the flop as he was priced in (needing to put only 0.12 in a 0.38 pot, so more than 3 to 1 expressed odds).

      if it were heads up with the preflop aggressor, smooth calling would be ok as you have position.

      if the big blind has a OESD.. he has now a problem not knowing what UTG+1 will do after your raise. he could call or he could reraise as well. so even if he gets the odds and implied odds as well needing to call 0.73 to a 1,55 pot, these calculations go out the window in the presence of a bet-raise situation.

      as for the ammount of your raise... I think it is actually fine. squeezing the BB to fold a drawing hand and mabe getting a call from the UTG+1, as your raise was actually not that big.
    • srohack
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      raising is good in this spot . utg is cbeting into 2 players so he is likely to have a good overpair so you might get it in with him on the flop . you dont realy wanna see a 4 or a 5 that will kill your action + going with your read bb might come along with a big range of hands
      i dont realy sugest slowplaying at this limit because people stack off very light
    • Faye6891
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      Originally posted by srohack
      i dont realy sugest slowplaying at this limit because people stack off very light
      True, I oversaw the fact that this is NL5.