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PokerTracker 4.07 Now Available - Featuring Mac OS X Compatability

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      PokerTracker 4.07 Release Notes - March 12, 2013

      Download PokerTracker 4 (Mac & Win)

      Key Updates Summary:
      • NEW: PokerTracker 4 is now Mac OS X compatible!
      • NEW: OnGame’s Strobe Poker tables are now supported, this is the first Fast Fold game that is supported in PokerTracker 4 for both Mac and Windows!
      • NEW: PokerStars Zoom Tournaments are now supported!
      • NEW: A new Tournament import configuration section found under Sites & Import Options, this new section includes options to track Unknown Finishes, calculation options for All-In Net Adjusted, and Summary Import options!
      • NEW: Graph data colors and line thickness are now customizable, right click in any graph to alter how the graph is displayed! You can even set a line width to “0” to hide your winnings if you chose to do so!
      • NEW: Holdem All-In Equity hand vs hand ties are now accounted for in all calculations, this addition is fully implemented in the Equity Calculator, All-In Equity calculation, ICM, and Net Adjusted Winnings calculation!
      • NEW: Basic player stats can now be included when you copy a hand history from the View Hand Details window!
      • NEW: Excel files sent by FullTilt’s support team can now be imported!
      • NEW: The ‘Today’s Hands’ report will automatically display the Hero’s results when ‘My Hands’ is selected!

      • HUD: OnGame: Added support for OnGame’s new Strobe Fast Fold tables (Mac & Win)
      • Hud: PokerStars: Added support for Zoom tournaments
      • Import: Full Tilt: Added folder hand history folder detection support for
      • Import: Full Tilt: Add support for FullTilt .xls file summaries which can be provided by FTP’s Support department via email
      • Import: Microgaming (MGN): Add support for Play Money tournaments
      • Import: Party: Attempt to compensate for line break errors which are only found in Party’s Mac OS X hand histories
      • Import: Winning: Support auxiliary Winning Poker text HH format
      • Import: New option added to the Import Configuration Preferences window to warn the user before quitting PokerTracker 4 while hands are being imported
      • Equity Calculator: added an option to Display Ties in the Equity Calculator
      • Graphs: Right-click in any graph to change the colors and thickness of each data source in line and bar graphs
      • Holdem Equity: Improve the calculation of hand vs hand ties in all equity calculations, including all-in Equity, Net Adjusted Winnings, and the Equity Calculator
      • ICM Quiz: A Tournament structure edit button has been added to the interface
      • Sites & Import Options: A new Tournament Tab has been added for configuring tournament import options
      • TableTracker: Added Omaha support for Cake, iPoker, Merge, OnGame, and 888
      • View Hand Details Window: Added the option to include basic player stats (VPIP, PFR, 3Bet, Hands) when copying hand histories to the clipboard
      • GUI: New Features window is now displayed anytime a new version is installed and run for the first time, the New Features window is also available via the Help menu

      • Backup/Restore: Simplify the interface for the Backup and Restore windows by consolidating most Optional Files checkboxes into the new "user data files" and "user config files" options
      • Graphs: Optimize the database queries used for the Global Post Flop Ranges Graph
      • HUD: Selecting Reset in the PT4 HUD icon menu will now redetect the table profile, and also resets the default positioning at PokerStars Nova tables if required to support the new PokerStars Nova client theme
      • ICM Net Adjusted Winnings: Take advantage of the new equity calculation refinements by improving the implementation of win/lose/tie outcomes
      • Installer: Do not allow installation on Windows Vista until all service packs have been installed
      • Profile Manager: Renamed the "Fast Tables (Zoom, Rush)" game format, it is now called “Fast Fold Tables” to address the wide variety of options available to players on networks supported by PokerTracker 4
      • Reports: The ‘Today's Hands’ report has been modified to use the ‘flg_hero’ database column instead of Active Player
      • Stat Editor: Added "Apply" button to allow the saving of changes without closing the Stat Editor, and allow the window to move behind main PT4 window as with HUD Editor
      • Stat Editor: The New/Duplicate/Delete/Save buttons are now enabled / disabled when it is appropriate in the GUI
      • Stat Editor: Duplicated stats will now receive the same name with the suffix of ‘(copy)’ appended to the name
      • Stat Editor: The default name of ‘My Custom Stat’ is assigned to all newly created statistic, and the Stat Name list is now updated immediately either a New or Duplicate stat is created
      • TableTracker: Added support for PokerStars $0.16 NL tables in TableTracker
      • Trial: Allow the Statistics window to open so stats can be viewed, but the editing and importing of statistics is disabled
      • Video Tutorials: Removed various redundant video tutorial links

      [*]Import: Barriere: Fix to stop Omaha Hi hands from importing as Hi-Lo
      [*]Import: Cake: Address scenario that could occur where the ‘enum_p_3bet_action' column considers an all-in call to be a raise.
      [*]Import: Full Tilt: Improved support for new syntax when there are tied main pot in split pot hands, this also fixed "ties for the side pot" and uncalled bets in tournaments which was a side effect of this bug
      [*]Import: Full Tilt: Address a side pot double-import error
      [*]Import: GTechG2: Compensate for a change in the way that bet sizes are noted in GTechG2 hand histories, including incorrect bet/pot sizes in capped hands
      [*]Import: GTechG2: Address encoding issues that prevented Euro hands from importing when the player lives in select locales
      [*]Import: GtechG2: Address a tournament hands rake error
      [*]Import: IGT(Entraction): Fix encoding issues preventing legacy Euro hands from importing in OS X
      [*]Import: Microgaming (MGN): Compensate for incorrect "MTT" info stored in MGN’s handhistory.dat file when the format is actually a single table tournament
      [*]Import: Microgaming (MGN): Compensate for buyins into standard currency tourneys that were bought in with points
      [*]Import: OnGame: Fix to stop reporting of ‘Invalid Stack’ in a rare situation where there is a dead SB in the pot
      [*]Import: PokerStars: compensate for missing space in header in tournaments
      [*]Import: Revolution: Support altered date formats when they are defined within Windows
      [*]Import: Party: Compensate for Party hand histories where a player is missing in the seat list but was dealt in, or when there are zero chips declared for the player
      [*]Import: Party: Fixes to address max limit issues, and a related issue that affected early tourney detection in Double Or Nothing format games
      [*]Import: PokerStars: Compensate to determine Satellite seats won where there is an undeclared target tournament and the Satellite is a Rebuy
      [*]Import: PokerStars: Fix to correct the blind level when an ante is all-in for less than the cost of the full ante
      [*]Import: Winning: Address and error caused by brackets in a player’s name
      [*]Import: Winning: Compensate for the potential for duplicate tourney numbers in HU Tourney Re-Re-matches
      [*]Import: Reject hands where there are post-fold actions or self-raises (due to errors found in Party Poker hand histories)
      [*]Import: Fix to stop adding multiple character in names that contain a ‘\’ during import
      [*]Import: Fix an error that could occur when a player posts the big blind and a dead blind at the same time when they are not seated in the big blind.
      [*]Import: The error message ‘Player chip-count does not make sense’ has been changed to display ‘Player all-in chip count validation error’
      [*]Email: Allow support for encoded ‘From’ lines; Stars and Full Tilt emails should now always have readable ‘FROM’ lines and ‘SUBJECT’
      [*]Equity Calc: Fix to assure that Omaha equity simulations show the correct number of trials when 4 board cards are entered
      [*]Equity Calc: Various fixes to the Equity Calculator including 4+ player ranges, address random exhaustion errors, and add a fix to address the busy cursor issue
      [*]Export: Change limit stakes format in exported hands from $1/$2 to $1-$2 to assure filename compatibility
      [*]Filters: Fix to assure that the Stake selection is set to ‘All Stakes’ when the left hand sidebar filter is selected and user switches to a database that doesn't include the selected stake
      [*]Filters: Fix a data error that could occur when the tourney BB filter is used while viewing a Results report
      [*]Graphs: Unify the text used to unzoom using a hyperlink in all graphs
      [*]Graphs: Personal Results: Improve assignment of Y Axis graph overlays when stats use the same qualifier
      [*]Graphs: Global Player Statistics: Solve SQL errors that can occur due to unapproved characters in a stat name
      GUI: Help -> Guides and Documentation updated
      [*]ICM: Improve support for known MTT SNGs final tables
      [*]ICM / Net Adj: Add support for ICM equity adjusted sidepot and tie calculations for 3+ way all-ins (partial ties only supported in 2-way all ins)
      [*]ICM Simulation: Fix freeze that could occur when changing a player’s range in the Replayer's ICM info box
      [*]HUD: PokerStars: The default HUD positions have been altered to match the new default "Nova" theme recently introduced by PokerStars
      [*]HUD: PokerStars: Stop Zoom tables sizes from being misdetected as 6-max
      [*]HUD: PokerStars: Additional compensation to address changes made in the February client update to restore Zoom table detection
      [*]HUD: PokerStars: Additional Zoom fixes to address various rare cases not covered in PT 4.06.2
      [*]HUD: Merge: removed obsolete character conversions which stopped the HUD from being displayed at 'PM #' tables such as the “Maximus” tournament series
      [*]HUD Editor: Assured that the stat Suffix is displayed after the stat value and before ‘(times / opportunities)’
      [*]LeakTracker: Re-enable options after LeakTracker is run and there are no hands available for the rules defined
      [*]Replayer: Chips in BB units will now correctly display big bets (instead of big blinds) for fixed limit tourneys in the Replayer, and default to 2x the official big blind for the hand if the BB size cannot be fetched from the database
      [*]Reports: Fix a query error in the Tournament ‘Hero vs Villain’ report which occurred when the Bet Type filter was used with a Small Stakes license
      [*]Setup Assist: Fix issue that could block note import when converting from PT3/HEM/HM2 databases
      [*]Stats: The ‘Call PF 2Bet’ stat will now correctly interpret preflop open-all-ins as an opportunity for other players to call the open raise [b]*** Requires database cache rebuild ***[/b]
      [*]Stats: Improve the ‘Buy-Ins Won’ stat by including bounties won
      [*]Stats: Fix ‘Cold Call 2Bet PF’ stat to better account for all opportunities to cold call when facing a 2Bet
      [*]Stats: Fix the title in "Donk Turn in non-3Bet+ Pot" stat to represent the turn
      [*]Stats: Fix crash that can occur when a zip file is imported as a stat, but there is no stats contained within the zip file.
      [*]Stat Editor: Modifying a stat's detailed description now marks the stat as modified, and triggers the save dialog
      [*]Stat Editor: Improve UI logic when all stat color conditions are deleted
      [*]Stat Editor: Fix various selection bugs and behaviors in the Stat Editor
      [*]TableTracker: Fix Full Tilt table opening
      [*]Tournament Detection: Improve rebuy detection including double rebuy scenarios
      [*]Tournament Detection: Added new options to address Unknown Finishes in tournaments including ‘Refund Buying and Fee’, and ‘ICM award remaining players’
      [*]Tourney Detection: Force the recalculation of Net Adjusted Winnings after making manual changes
      Mac OS X Specific Notes
      • Barriere Poker, Full Tilt Poker, G2Getch (Boss), Merge Network, OnGame Network, PartyGaming, PokerStars, and Winamax are all supported in the Mac OS X version of PokerTracker 4
      • The HUD is not supported at PokerStars Zoom, Full Tilt Rush, or PartyPoker Fast Fold tables in the Mac OS X version of PokerTracker 4. The HUD is supported at OnGame’s new Strobe Poker tables in the Mac OS X version of PokerTracker 4
      • The Money Flow Chart report is not included in the Mac OS X version of PokerTracker 4
      • TableTracker cannot open tables automatically in the Mac OS X version of PokerTracker 4
      • PokerTracker 4 support guides have been updated to reflect any unique issues encountered by Mac OS X users

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    • PokerTracker
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      1) There was a minor bug in the configuration file for FullTilt's Rush HUD, this file is automatically pushed from our servers once you start using PokerTracker today. To solve the bug please restart PokerTracker 4, the correct version of this file will be pushed to your computer automatically and you will then be able to play on FullTilt RUSH tables once again.

      2) PokerTracker 4.07 requires a cache rebuild if you use the Call 2Bet PF stat in your HUD or reports. Our release notes stated this rebuild was optional, we just discovered that the performance of PokerTracker 4 will be affected if a rebuild is not performed. If you are affected by this issue, please follow these instructions.
      1. Restart PokerTracker 4
      2. Click Database > Database Maintenance
      3. Click Rebuild Cache and wait until the process has completed.

      Please be aware that the larger your database, the longer it will take to rebuild your cache. Very large databases that exceed millions of hands could take hours to perform, we sugest performing the rebuild at a time when you are not playing to avoid any disruptions in your play.

      We apologize for these minor inconveniences.
    • PokerTracker
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      NOW AVAILABLE: PokerTracker 4.07.1

      Incremental Release Notes - March 15, 2013

      Key Updates Summary:

      • NEW: PokerTracker 4 is now Mac OS X compatible (4.07)
      • FIXED: The ‘Bet Type’ filter bug which altered the amount of ‘My C Net Winnings’ has been fixed!
      • FIXED: The Mac crash during import bug which affected some of our users due to Mac OS X localization has been fixed!
      • FIXED: The “The “Disk Utility permissions” bug that affected a small number of our new Mac users has been fixed. If this problem still affects you, please contact PokerTracker Support to learn how to modify your disk permissions

      • Equity Calculator: Added "Options" button to the Equity Calculator, and altered the disk drive button to match other components our the GUI.

      • Stat Editor: Append the "(Copied from)" message to to add a more detailed description for stats, columns and variables; also remove artificial spaces

      • Import: Enet: Stop legacy Enet euro hands from importing as play money (Mac)
      • Import: MicroGaming: Fix to stop play money hands from importing as real money,
      • Import: MicroGaming: Address importing of 5 max table size
      • Filters: Address incorrect winnings data bug that was introduced in 4.7 when viewing tournament reports while the Bet Type filter is used.
      • Filters: Fix the Bet Type filter bug introduced in 4.7 to allow the filter of tournament reports in-addition-to hand reports
      • Graphs: Improve the logic used to disable the Info box while the graph is populating
      • Hud: PokerStars: Improvements for Zoom tournaments
      • Mac: Fix a crash that could occur caused by System level localization when auto-import starts
      • Mac: Altered the functionality of the disk permissions warning message.
      • Replayer: ICM: Improve prize detection when ICM features are invoked from replayer
      • Restore: Prevent cross-platform restore of PokerTracker.cfg by appending the platform name to the file base, and assure the config file is restored to root/Config when applicable
      • Site & Import Options: Improve the text used in the tooltip for the Tournament "All-In Net Adjusted" checkbox
      • Statistics Editor: Colors: Standardize the user interface for the Color Conditions Editor
      • TableTracker: Update PokerStars table opening functionality